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Marcus Vick Tweets Stupidity on Zimmerman Trial

It’s hard to give Marcus Vick any credibility as a human being given his past stupidity but get a load of these outrageous tweets he posted last night regarding the not yet completed George Zimmerman Trial.

“Zimmerman better get 30+ years in prison,” Marcus Vick said via Twitter.  “If my brother had to do 2 years it’s a must.  Not self defense when u chase down an innocent kid.”

Clearly this nitwit hasn’t watched 2 seconds of the trial and still doesn’t understand that his brother went to jail for lying to the Feds, it is odd that he doesn’t even know why his brother was imprisoned.

Marcus didn’t stop there:

“He could’ve fired warning shots!!! I hope the homies in the BIG house go bananas on his racist ass.”

I’m sorry, this is just painful ignorance.  Warning shots when somebody is allegedly BASHING your scull on the pavement?  Not likely.  Why no warning shots at the teenagers Vick pulled a gun on at a McDonald’s in 2006?  Tool!

Marcus had one more:

“A dogs life means more than a humans? Or a black person life huh?”

Again, no clue why his brother was jailed. A dog can be trained nevertheless when using a shock collar.

Sadly, Marcus Vick is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to how the black community feels about the Trayvon Martin case. If you need proof, click here.  Many on twitter are far more interested in unrest should Zimmerman get acquitted, than actually seeing what this case is all about, a tragic accident.


Twitter Users Planning To Riot If Zimmerman Walks!

If you do a simple twitter search for “George Zimmerman riot” you will see for yourself that some in black America are planning to “burn the MF down.”

Check it out.


Riots 2







There people are obviously ignorant, detestable.