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Fox News banned from DFW gym!

FoxI first talked about this on my radio show a few months ago, but I didn't say the name of the gym because I didn't really care to pursue it.  However, in light of this revelation regarding Fox News, here is my story.

I joined a gym here in DFW called L.A. Fitness.  I joined because I wanted a place to work out while I watched Fox News.  I like their prime time lineup and enjoy working out while watching politics on TV.  MSNBC is fine too as long as I have the option.

When I went to LA Fitness in Irving to work out I asked the gym attendant to change one of the channel's to Fox News.  I was ignored.  When I pressed the issue I was informed that the corporate office in California has a strict policy against showing Fox News on the televisions at their gym. They were however showing MSNBC.  I couldn't believe it so I immediately canceled my membership to LA Fitness after i saw the ultimate guide to lose belly fat for men on the internet and with some Garage Gym Builder program, I could exercise at home following this fitness program for some time.

Isn't it amazing that in 2010 I can't watch what I want to watch on television because some company doesn't agree with the slant?  Needless to say, I found a gym that shows Fox News and MSNBC, what a concept.