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Drew And Mike Idea


I’ve been thinking about where Drew and Mike could potentially end up should they decide to return to the radio.

As I’ve told you in the past, Drew and Mike are the premier morning radio show in Detroit bar-none!  They can pick and choose where they want to end up if they are willing to lower their salary expectations.  Yes, they are worth every dime, there just aren’t as many dimes in radio as there were just years ago.  The pie is shrinking.

Another potential station for Drew and Mike to end up is 93.1 WDRQ.  They could do AM drive on DRQ with a “classic hits/doug” music mix.  Face it, they don’t play music in their show anyway so music isn’t the driving force for any station that would like the services of Drew and Mike since they use the best studio monitors to produce their music.  All DRQ would be required to do is tweek the music mix a little more Gen X to keep the Drew and Mike audience throughout the rest of the day.

Although I think it is the best idea, I don’t see anybody investing in an FM talk format for Drew and Mike, it is simply too expensive to launch an all talk format and with the economy where it is in Detroit, it would be a big stretch for any company to pony up facing that kind of risk.  My guess is no new FM talk station at this time.  There are many advantages to putting an FM talk station on FM, but most companies are risk adverse right now so I doubt it happens, so is better to invest in stocking or bitcoin online, which you can do if you use the right Calculator and some guides online.

WJR could also be a player for Drew and Mike, although they aren’t the destination they once were for talk talent.  WJR sounds so old and tired with its current lineup.  Frank’s Beckmann is old, Mitch is boring and Paul W. appeals to a very niche audience.  If they wanted to begin the remaking of WJR the first step would be to find a spot for Drew and Mike.  Either in Frank’s spot, although he just renewed his contract, or in PM Drive replacing Mitch and moving Hannity to 6 p.m.  Adding Drew and Mike is unlikely as they can’t simply put them on an island and hope they bring their loyal audience, they would need to make massive change to make it work.  Drew and Mike may also have concerns about being only on an AM station as the listener-ship to AM is declining drastically at a rapid pace.  Who knows, maybe 93.1 becomes WJR-FM with a whole new talk lineup?


Is 105.1 In Detroit Flipping To Sports?

todayslogoBig rumors on twitter this week about a potential format flip at Greater Media’s 105.1 to sports featuring Drew and Mike.  While I have no direct knowledge of anything going on at Greater Media, I’m not buying it, at all….

I think a flip to sports would be a smart play over the long term, but I don’t see Greater Media pulling the strings on this move for a number of reasons.

1.  Flipping from “Adult Contemporary” music to sports takes GM off the radar with media buyers who purchase media time for female demographics.  Right now, 105.1 gets ad dollars fto reach the female demos with 105.1 and money for the male demos with WRIF and WCSX.  It doesn’t make sense to flip to sports when you are already in good shape in the male demographics.

2. If Drew and Mike were too expensive for WRIF, they are definitely too expensive for a format that will lose money for a while.  When you start a sports station, you can’t afford to dole out HUGE dollars at the beginning, it is a slow build as the station attracts ratings and listeners.  Drew and Mike would have to work for significantly less to make this move.  They are potentially more viable on an established music station.

3.  I think Greater Media is out of the “Drew and Mike” business, otherwise they would have attempted to segue the show to a much more viable WCSX.  It appears they aren’t interested in having Drew and Mike on their team, odd yes, but not entirely unprecedented.

4.  I don’t think GM is ready to invest in a new format right now, they have their hands full fixing the WRIF Morning show and getting WCSX back on track.  It would take a large investment to launch a sports station and they don’t currently have any sports programming talent in the building to oversee a new sports station.

At some point Drew and/or Mike will reappear, but I’m guessing it will be on an established music station that is looking for traction in Morning Drive.  My guess is that it’s on a re-branded 93.1, but I’m not sure Cumulus can spend the money to bring in an established show.



Trudi Daniels Named New Morning Co-Host At….

A new on-air chemistry awaits DETROIT classic rock listeners with the addition of TRUDI DANIELS as the new co-host of GREATER MEDIA’s Classic Rock WCSX Morning Show with K.C. & TRUDI. She will begin her new role on MONDAY, JUNE 3rd.

The SANDUSKY, OH native was most recently heard on the air as the long-time news personality on sister WRIF for the past 22 years. Previous to that, she worked as a morning show host at WZOU/BOSTON, KSEG/SACRAMENTO, WLVQ/COLUMBUS and WIOT/TOLEDO.

“The WCSX air staff is a collection of outstanding on-air personalities from DETROIT Rock Radio history,” said Market Mgr. STEVE CHESSARE. “TRUDI is an outstanding talent and the perfect choice to co-host the morning show with KEN CALVERT. We are thrilled she will continue to remain a part of the GREATER MEDIA/DETROIT family.”

“I spent most of my life going to concerts and had to find some way to keep getting free tickets,” said DANIELS. “I’m also going for the record for shortest radio move — about 40 yards and across the hall!”

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