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Ernie Harwell is the most gracious man I have ever experienced.

Ernie HarwellImage by mwlguide via Flickr

This week we got the word that broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell has incurable bile duct cancer.  I’ve been wandering around since I read the news trying to figure out exactly what it was that I was feeling, sadness yes, but mostly love for a guy who I grew up adoring.

When I decided radio was my thing there were two people who made it a foregone conclusion that I would pursue a career in sports broadcasting, Bob Ufer and Ernie Harwell.  I loved them both for the absolute passion they both displayed for their professions.  They were on opposite sides of the spectrum, but they both played a HUGE role in my childhood and in my professional development.

While I will never be compared to either as a broadcaster, they were both instrumental in my development as a ra...

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