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Detroit Tiger’s Game 5 Winner Is Anybody’s Guess

DetroitTigers Game 4 was a huge disappointment for Tiger fans.  The Tiger allowed a struggling pitcher to shut down their big bats and an old friend, Curtis Granderson robbed the Tigers of at least five runs over the course of the game.  As I was watching the game I began to get the sinking feeling that the Detroit Tigers postseason run was coming to an abrupt end, but maybe I overreacted.

I do think the Yankees will likely win game 5 in the Bronx, but it isn’t a guarantee.  The New York Yankees have been better in the postseason against Detroit, they’ve gotten better starting pitching and the bats, while inconsistent, have come up bigger with runners in scoring position.

The most concerning issues are the Tigers poor defensive play, the balks and the general unraveling by a team that should  be better prepared to handle the pressure of postseason play. For example, how many balks did we see all year?  We’ve now seen 2 in the last 4 games by the Tigers. Not to mention the Tiger inability to even make a play at home on an infield ground ball with a runner at third.

Throughout this ALDS the Tigers have looked uptight and nervous.  I wish I could offer an excuse for this, but I can’t.  Cabrera, Martinez, Ordonez, Peralta and Delmon Young are veterans, this shouldn’t be an issue at this point but none of them have been able to break out offensively.

So the series shifts back to New York and your guess is as good as mine for game 5, but at this point I don’t hold out much hope that the season can be extended.