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For Me, The NFL Draft Has Lost Its Appeal.


Who is with me?  Anybody else find this year NFL draft to be a dud? I’m usually pretty interested in who goes where and how the Lions will screw it up, etc.  But this year has zero intrigue for me and I am not sure why.

I can honestly tell you, I don’t know much about any of the players the Lions drafted and I’m not motivated to look it up because I’m fairly certain NONE of them will ever amount to much, based on the Lions history of not producing players in the mid to late rounds.

Ziggy Ansah could very well become the next great pass rusher in NFL history, but seriously, what are the odds that any of these guys offer the Lions a realistic chance to make the playoffs this year?  I’d say there is a near zero chance of it happening, I think I am jaded because the Lions inability to draft any depth over the course of my life.

It will be interesting to see if ESPN actually had anybody watching past the Thursday night broadcast, in the past the first couple of round were required viewing.  Now many people simply dial the draft up on their iphone and skip the Berman, Kiper and Gruden boredom.  I know I have very little need to know every draftee’s 40 time and vertical leap.  Most times I am just happy that I’ve heard of the guy.  I think ESPN overdoes it with analysis, particularly in the later rounds.  Ain’t nobody got time for that and not many understand it anyway.

I can’t even attempt to grade a draft but it appears the Lions addressed needs, if and that is a large if, they can play.  Who knows if this collection of talent will produce any dividends for Detroit, it’s a crap shoot for teams like the Lions.

We will wait to see how this draft looks in 6 months, but really, is there any reason for optimism?