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Dave and Chuck the freak

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The Other Half Of The Drew And Mike Story!

Greater Media made it official today, not that we didn’t already know, Dave and Chuck The Freak are the new morning show at WRIF.

Greater Media General Manager Steve Chessare explained the move to The Detroit News.

The change in the morning show has “been in the works for quite some time,” said Steve Chessare, market manager for Greater Media Detroit.

“This is a symbol of our future at RIF,” Chessare said. “We’re continuing to deliver the best content for young adults in Detroit.”

The Dave and Chuck “the Freak” show went off the air from 89X in November and quickly became part of the discussion to take the place of the “Drew & Mike” morning show. The idea, Chessare said, was to provide content more appealing to the station’s young audience.

These comments are only partially true...

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Drew And Mike Will End Up On WCSX

drew and mikeAfter listening to Drew and Mike this morning, I am more convinced than ever that they will end up on 94.7 WCSX.

This whole transition is going way too smoothly and everybody is too calm for something not to be in the works to keep them in the Greater Media family.  You can tell me a Morning Show that has built its reputation on being the bad boys is going out like this, if there wasn’t an agreement that Drew and Mike would be retained on another signal, they would have been shown the door after the announcement was made last week.

CSX seems like the most logical play for Drew and Mike, but make no mistake they are a morning show worth flipping a format to retain.  That means 105.1 isn’t off the table just yet should they decide to give that station a makeover and skew more male…....

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There’s radio life for ‘Drew and Mike’ after WRIF-FM exit, experts say; share your show memories

Eric talked to me for this article.

drew and mike

Popular Detroit radio personalities Drew Lane and Mike Clark are expected to host their final “Drew and Mike” show 6-11 a.m. Friday on 101 WRIF-FM.

What happens to their careers after their curtain call on the rock station appears unclear, but at least two experts agree the colorful hosts could be successful at a new home.

“Drew and Mike are the WRIF,” said Gregg Henson, a former program director at two Detroit radio stations. “It’s not like they are 400 years old.

“And they don’t necessarily have to go to a rock station – if they want to get back into radio. They could go to any station.”

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