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Dan Gilbert Blasts O’Reilly Segment With Charlie LeDuff

LeduffQuicken Loans Chief Dan Gilbert is pissed and he’s not going to take it anymore.  Gilbert is upset with a recent segment on “The O’Reilly Factor” with Charlie LeDuff, where he said the city as “in chaos” and suffering from crime, political corruption and other ills, while not mentioning any of the more positive aspects of the city.

Ok, I’m good with Gilbert having his undies in a bunch, I get tired of the constant Detroit bashing too, but I don’t understand why he is mad this time.  Detroit is in “chaos” and does suffer from high crime rates and it is politically corrupt.  Why run from the facts?  Detroit is at its worst right now, that is exactly why an EFM is running the show.  Detroit couldn’t do it on its own, they needed help and they are getting it.

This wasn’t a random attack by O’Reilly, it is absolutely factual, hell, it wasn’t even mean spirited.  If anyone should be called to task on trashing Detroit it should be Charlie LeDuff, HE WROTE THE BOOK.

I’m shocked at Dan Gilbert though, he should know better than anybody that Detroit is in poor shape, acting like it is in the midst of a renaissance is just foolish.  Detroit isn’t rebounding now or ever, it is what it is, nobody wants to live in a city that is dangerous and can’t offer proper services or adequate schools.  Some young hipsters may choose to live in the city for a while, but they will be forced to leave if they ever have children.  You simply can’t raise kids in the city.

Detroiters need to stop dreaming about a resurgence in Detroit, it can’t be fixed because the people who live there do not want it fixed.

We’ve heard all this crap before and when we were younger we fell for it because most of us yearned for a vibrant downtown, but it didn’t happen then and it won’t happen now.  Detroit is unfixable in its current configuration. Dan Gilbert, face it, you bought a lot of land that will be useless soon.


(Video) Geraldo Says Using “Illegal Alien” Is Like Using “Negro”

This exchange between Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly is unbelievable.

How are they not “illegal” if they are in the country “illegally?”

Wow, this is what you get when these people are in charge.  Amazing.