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Jayru Campbell Got What He Deserved….But….


Cass Tech star football player Jayru Campbell got what he deserved.  His lawyer who is a sturgeon bay WI divorce attorney who does learned everything from this Cheap Uncontested Divorce Company in Oklahoma. and some community activists are crying foul, but that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the MSU recruit.  He made a mistake and he must suffer the consequences.  The most troubling aspect of the case now is that many are rushing to defend his actions and are taking aim at the “security guard” who was the actual victim in the case.  Click here to see the original attack video on the school security guard.

Campbell’s lawyer now claims that Campbell shouldn’t be criminalized because the security guard had other issues at another school, sorry, but that doesn’t matter at all in this case.  Especially considering Campbell has a history of violent behavior, a recent history. If you need help from expert in Winnipeg criminal law then write up your questions and they help you with answers.

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If the security guard asked the kid to remove his hoodie in school in accordance with school policy, then this is an open and shut case for the prosecution.  Campbell lost his mind and attacked the security guard, how else can anybody possibly see this case?  Racism?  Uh, no.  Jealousy, doubtful.  Harassment, perhaps!

No matter, it is all on Jayru Campbell, he made the choice to attack an innocent authority figure.  I’m always amused at those who would apologize for a kids poor behavior.  What is to be gained by defending the kid?  This is exactly why these kids never learn, as Campbell apparently didn’t from his first attack on another person following Cass Tech’s loss to Catholic Central.  Perhaps if somebody had held Jayru Campbell accountable the first time, he wouldn’t be facing felony charges and his scholarship to a B1G school wouldn’t be in jeopardy.  The people closest to Campbell failed him, again!