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What’s Next For Matt Dery?

DeryI’m getting conflicting stories on what happened to Matt Dery and where he is heading. Some  sources tell me they he has a job lined up already and some say he doesn’t, I have no clue….although I’d like to think he would call me as a member of his network…..if he was looking for work.

Matt isn’t talking so I’ll do my best to tell you what I think is happening.

In my estimation, Matt just got tired of his job at WXYT, he’s been doing it a long time and everybody has a burn factor.

He’s a talented broadcasters and won’t have trouble getting a gig, but I think he’s going to wait a while and try to land a gig that is “a career” and not a job.  He’s long coveted an NBA or college play-by-play position, but there are only so many available and the timing hasn’t worked out for him thus far.

As for him programming the new 105.1 in Detroit, I guess it’s possible but if memory serves me, Matt didn’t really like being “management.”  I could be mistaken, but that is my recollection.

I don’t know Matt’s situation, or what his “emergency fund” looks like, but I’m suspecting he is waiting for a play-by-play gig or at the very least a job that provides him an actual future in the business.  I’m of the opinion the job at WXYT was dead end for him.


What Will 105.1 Look Like As A Sports Station?

OK, I’m going to put on my programming hat here and try to put together a viable lineup for sports talk on 105.1.

Remember, this deal hinges on ESPN’s ability to get out of its contract with 1090 am in Detroit (Garden City).  The latest word is 1090 AM is asking for near 7 figures to end the deal with ESPN which still has 2 years remaining.  Until some resolution to the contract dispute is made, this deal is on hold.  It will happen, the two sides just have to strike a deal, but the asking price appears WAY to high right now.

The lineup:

6a-10a:  Mike and Mike

10a-2p: Colin Cowherd

2p-6p: Drew Lane

6p-9p: Undetermined local host?  Sean Baligean?

9p-6a: ESPN

I think this is the “launch” lineup as they will need to be efficient when they launch, a talk format is expensive and will require money to get an infrastructure much larger than they currently have at 105.1 to get this thing off the ground. They need  producers, board ops and production director as well as a different type of Sales Rep. to go after local, “direct” money that is the lifeblood of the spoken word format.

I do think they will add  another local show in place of Colin Cowherd once they have some revenue on the books and can afford an Air Personality and a Produce in that slot.

Who will be the Head Coach of this venture…the PD?  I’m guessing for WDFN PD Rona Danziger, if she has Drew Lane’s endorsement.