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Random Christmas Harbaugh Notes!

Random Christmas Harbaugh Notes!

Who is Greg Gabriel?  He’s apparently some random NFL writer for a website called NFPost.com.  This guy is going thorough a complete meltdown because a few Michigan fans have been getting after him for his derisive posts regarding Michigan’s odds to land Jim Harbaugh.  I’m not sure why he’s so pissed, but check out this article he wrote the other day about the entire Michigan fan base.

“Before I talk about potential destinations for Harbaugh, I would like to share a little story with you.

When I started scouting for National Football Scouting in 1984 and then the New York Giants in 1985, my main area of concentration was the Big Ten. Over the years I spent a lot of time on the Michigan campus and became very fond of the school. I probably made 40-50 school calls to Michigan as well as attended at least 12 games at Michigan Stadium.

While working with the Giants, we drafted a number of Michigan players in the premium rounds. Tyrone Wheatley and Jarod Bunch were first round picks while Jumbo Elliott and Amani Toomer were second round picks. Needless to say, we liked Michigan players.

I also had a very good relationship with the late Bo Schembechler as well as an ongoing friendship with his son Schemy. In all honesty, Michigan was always one of my favorite stops.

My fondness for the school ended this week through no fault of the University, but rather their asinine fans.”

Read the whole article here.

What you are witnessing is a guy who has called this thing ALL wrong from the start and now he wants to deflect it on the fans who basically told him he was out of his mind.  Sorry, I find this diatribe to be completely false and ridiculous.

He’s also doubled down on his lunacy by calling this absolutely brilliant coaching search “embarrassing.” Which is odd because nearly every person in the know, including some of the initial NFL writers have since called it a text book and proper pursuit.  I think this guy is nuts and clearly can’t come to terms with Harbaugh returning to college football.

I got another interesting text from a good source that Josh Rosen “is in” if Jim is indeed named the next Head Coach at Michigan.  Rosen is a California kid who is committed to UCLA, but sources say he will more than likely be a Wolverine once the search is resolved next week.  That is a bit of a surprise to me as Michigan already has a nice prospect in the class, Alex Malzone from Birmingham Brother Rice.  I’ll admit, I know next to nothing about recruits, I’m just passing it along from a solid source.

Heard about this one from the deep edges of the Internet.  Apparently the Colts had interest in Harbaugh with eyes on reuniting him with Andrew Luck.  Obviously it would be tampering to talk to Harbaugh now, but I can’t see Irsay dumping his coach after making the playoffs. You?

The Internet is buzzing with rumors about 12/30.  I’d be inclined to mark it on my calendar.