PHOTO: Dead Marathon Bomber’s Dead Body Photos Leaked!

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The dead one is the one on the right.


A gruesome death photo of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev has surfaced online.

The photo first appeared on Reddit, posted by someone who claims the photo was obtained by a “friend” who works downtown.

The picture shows the lifeless corpse of 26-year-old Tamerlan laying on a table.

The body has multiple bullet wounds … as well as a gigantic gash along his chest rib cage area.

The body is covered in blood … especially in the facial region.

In the death photo, Tamerlan’s mouth and eyes are open wide.

Law enforcement sources say the photo is authentic.

One source says officials are investigating to find out who leaked the picture.

To see it: CLICK HERE


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Hope so
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Stupid, yes, but I don’t see how it relates in any way to liberalism. It speaks to the inefficiency of government, for sure.



Welcome back



This guy is a psycho. You always see him on edge/whining to refs constantly. Well in a season that really doesn’t go his way and you see some adversity- holy s*** this guy just really shows his true colors. He’s taking it out on everybody. The refs/fans/players/injuries (which every team has). It’s just embarrassing the way he has acted in the face of adversity. Guy is digging his own grave and tarnishing his own legacy. I don’t mind tho- it’s interesting when guys go meltdown mode on a national scale.



Izzo has always seemed like a jerk and a baby
He is really an embarrassment now.
No class

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