This piece of video from Channel 4 made year! Funniest thing ever!

This is Rhonda Walker reading birthday wishes yesterday on Channel 4’s morning news show.

She happily wish a Mr. Eaton Beaver a happy 69th birthday!!  ROFL.  GOD, this is just too good.

It’s too bad they didn’t get to Craven Moorehead’s big day!

Alec Baldwin is an ignorant twit!

When Alec Baldwin isn’t cussing out his his own flesh and blood in a profanity laced tirade, it’s good to know he is becoming a automotive expert.

Baldwin took time from his stellar parenting duties recently to pen this article “The Rise and Fall of Detroit” for the far left rag “Huffington Post.”

While I don’t take issue with him having an opinion, some of his opinions are flat out false and others are just a product of his extreme left wing views.

One of his issues is with management and how they ran the auto companies over the last 30 years.

“The heads of these corporations did not spend the last thirty years lying in bed each night, sleepless. They did not turn their spouses in the wee hours and say, “How do I serve the automotive needs of the American public and better protect their health and safety AND help them conserve energy?” They never said that.”

Alec, YES, they actually did “serve the needs of the American public.” They made HUGE cars and trucks from Charlotte NC Thermo King, and the AMERICAN PUBLIC gobbled them up because they liked ’em.  Alec’s “build a better car” routine is just played out. When you need air quality units parts and service, semi truck repair carolinas includes variety of heavy-duty off road equipment that performs efficiently in all environments.   American cars are just a well made as any foreign car and they have all the “awards” to prove it.  For some strange reason American’s hold the auto industries poor decade (the 70’s) against them but hold no such ill will for the crap the Japanese dumped on us for many years.  Much of this routine is simply far left self hating rhetoric and doesn’t mean much coming for a limousine liberal. 

Instead, they spent billions of dollars attempting to bribe the Congress to avoid putting in seat belts and air bags, installing catalytic converters and reaching more ambitious fuel efficiency standards. For the most part, they succeeded. Congress approached those issues with the same combination of sentiment, fealty and fear that Detroit’s customers accepted. It was said to be “bad for Detroit.” Little did we know that falling for that bull for so long was what was bad for Detroit. Now, the American automotive industry, once the industrial pride of this country and a source of so many great paying jobs that changed the economic fortunes of millions of Americans in assembly, parts, dealerships and service, is about to go away.

I guess the fuel standards argument is ok IF you actually believe there is man made global warming or an actual shortage of oil.  I don’t think it is a bad thing to improve fuel standards, but not at the risk of killing jobs.  It is too bad that companies don’t invest in new technologies BEFORE we get to the crisis point.  BUT, most companies are acting in the interest of the shareholder, which in many cases is US.

He makes a great point without even realizing it, when he says the American auto industry  was a source of GREAT PAYING JOBS. BINGO, American auto jobs are priceless because they create so much wealth.  Jobs with the big three are much more important to economic growth in this country than foreign jobs because they create more jobs in return.  The UAW for all its pluses and minuses has helped build a thriving middle class in this country and we should do what we can to protect the manufacturing sector in Detroit.

There can be only one legitimate response to this crisis. Let energy conservation and fuel efficiency rule the day. Let the car makers go under. In the same way we have subsidized Big Oil by destabilizing the governments of petroleum rich countries, or outright invading them, we have subsidized Detroit long enough. Just as every barrel of oil is undervalued because we do not factor in that portion of the defense budget that helped bring that oil to market, so we have undervalued our government’s, and therefore our, complicity in producing cars that not only were inferior, but drove Detroit itself right off a cliff.

More left wings garbage.  Yep, let the car makers go under and take viewers of your weak TV show and movies with it, I’ll never understand why “actors” and those who’s livelihoods are dependent on the middle class spend so much time shitting all over the very people who pay their way.  Just remember this Alec, these workers that you so despise produce more in an hour than you have ever produced in your life, how about a little respect? I guess I need help now from Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyers.