Gregg and Michelle Cash Back rewards program!

Over the last couple of days the word has spread that Michelle and I are working to get back on the air together somewhere hosting a music morning show.  Times are tough so we decided to get creative and offer “cash and rewards” for anybody who refers us for a job or anyone who hires us to host a music Morning Show.

Michelle and I haven’t worked together in a couple of years and are really anxious to get back on the air together.

The radio market is tough right now so we’ve tried to come up with a contest to show our creativity so we are offering “Gregg and Michelle’s cash and rewards”for the radio station that hires us.  Check out the contest at the Gregg and Michelle web site.

To read the articles that have been written about the contest, click the links below.

Radio and Records

Detroit News

More cool stuff on Neil Rubin’s Detroit News blog.  Here AND here.

Live Show on Wednesday!

Click the link below to listen to Gregg and Victor LIVE on Wednesday, April 29 @ Noon (est).

We’ll talk about the NFL draft, Detroit issues and politics.  We may even toss in a little Detroit radio news.

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$78 Million for a QB who better not be the next Joey Harrington!

Today is the day when everybody is happy talking the Lion’s latest first round draft bust, the savior has arrived, this year the savior is Georgia QB Matt Stafford.  Sorry if Stafford’s selection at number one leaves me more than a little empty.  Is this why we suffered through a 0-16 season, to get Matt Stafford?  Look, Stafford may be a fine QB one day, but I don’t think we have the next coming of Dan Marino on our hands, maybe the next Greg Landry if we are lucky.

Sorry to throw a wet rag on your draft party today but we’ve already been through Jeff Komlo, Eric Hipple, Chuck Long, Andre Ware and Joey Harrington in the Ford era, I simply don’t believe for a second that the drafting of Stafford will end any differently than the previous “saviors.”

I’m also concerned that the current economic climate will make it even more difficult for Stafford to connect with Lions fans.  How can anybody is the State with the highest unemployment rate in the country relate or even root for a guy who is gonna make $78 million with $41 million guaranteed?  Hell, most can’t even afford to plunk down money for tickets anymore, yet the golden boy is cashing his first check and he has yet to even take a snap in the league.  I predict the first sign of “bust” out of this guy will be met with outright hostility, worse than Joey Harrington EVER experienced.

Oh well, another draft, another zero, but who thought it would be any different?