$78 Million for a QB who better not be the next Joey Harrington!

Today is the day when everybody is happy talking the Lion’s latest first round draft bust, the savior has arrived, this year the savior is Georgia QB Matt Stafford.  Sorry if Stafford’s selection at number one leaves me more than a little empty.  Is this why we suffered through a 0-16 season, to get Matt Stafford?  Look, Stafford may be a fine QB one day, but I don’t think we have the next coming of Dan Marino on our hands, maybe the next Greg Landry if we are lucky.

Sorry to throw a wet rag on your draft party today but we’ve already been through Jeff Komlo, Eric Hipple, Chuck Long, Andre Ware and Joey Harrington in the Ford era, I simply don’t believe for a second that the drafting of Stafford will end any differently than the previous “saviors.”

I’m also concerned that the current econo...

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I got one for Michigan Football

I have this little troll that I know who has one Michigan football season ticket to sell.

The seat is pretty good and is right next to my buddy who is a total Michigan football queer.  He might even hold your hand if Michigan is losing to Ohio State in the second half.  Seriously, I like the guy but can't afford to buy the ticket. The safest place to get tickets to the upcoming matches is footballticketnet.com out of the UK.

The season ticket is $450 for the season and my buddy would likely let you hold it for a few years, until his newborn is old enough to kick your ass to the curb.

If you want the seat, let me know and I will hook you up.

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The new Lion logo and who named him “Bubbles”

Newlions This is the new Lion logo.  What do you think?

I like it a lot. I’ve long wanted the Lions to alter the team logo and colors, I thought they should have done it when they moved into Ford Field.  I liked the idea of launching a new era at Ford Field with a new logo, a new mascot and a lot more edge.  It is also the perfect time to roll out cheerleaders. 
I’m happy that the Lions have retained the integrity of the old, classic Lion logo, but added some definition and edge to it.  The next step it to ditch the Honolulu blue and wear the throwback jersey’s FULL TIME.

With the transition to the new logo I have seen a lot of articles referring to the Lion mascot as “Bubbles.”  That is not his his real name, the “Bubbles” moniker was started by longtime radio Personality Arthur J...

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