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Why the NHL is 3rd rate!

Check out my new column on why the NHL is a 3rd rate league at Motor City Sports!

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How the loss of WDFN is felt at Red Wing playoff time.

Last night following the ridiculous call made against the Wings that cost them a shot at overtime, I felt the loss of WDFN for the first time.

After the loss I wanted to hear local reaction to the call, I wanted to hear other Detroiters talking about the colossal screw job the Wings suffered on the Hossa goal with :64 seconds left in the game 3 loss to Anaheim.

So, like any good displaced sports fan would, I fired up the computer and went looking for local radio reaction, what I found was disheartening in this era of syndicated corporate radio.

I knew right away that the flagship station wasn’t an option for honest discussion immediately following the game because they certainly aren’t going to be overly critical and they had to get through the ridiculously long post game show of the same ...

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Hmmmmm….What is going on with Deminski and Doyle?

D&d I noticed today that since my last post about D & D's show being in trouble at WCSX Jeff has deleted the archives of his web site which included a couple of posts where he ripped management at the radio station.  My guess is the chiefs at Greater Media gave him the business for airing his dirty laundry on their web site.  Deminski's blog has been reduced to a daily rundown of the show.  Freedom of speech doesn't apply when you work for a big company.

I'll reiterate the problems and the solutions.  I worked on the WCSX morning show for seven years, I think I know the audience pretty well.

1.  The show isn't a fit for WCSX.  The WCSX listener LOVES the music and they are passionate about it, they don't want to hear dumb stunts with Rudy or about Jeff's infected toe...

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