Great comedy on Monday night

If you are looking for a lot of great laughs, check out my buddy Victor Monday night.

You all know that Victor is a hilarious guy, yes, he’s edgy but he’s always good for multiple “drinks out the nose laughs.”

Here are the details of his show.

Show Starts at 8 pm…. doors open at 7:30…. you can make reservations if needed. 
It does cost $5.00 a person.

Its at Joeys Comedy Club in Livonia…..

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Who is Barack Obama?

I admit, when I heard him use the word “stupidly” last night I did a double take.  Did I just hear the POTUS (President of the United States) say a policeman doing his job had acted “stupidly?”  Oh no he didn’t, oh yes he did.  The leader of the free world had indeed come out in opposition of a Police Officer in a national press conference.

I admit, I had a lot of thoughts at first, not the least of which was “that is about the least Presidential thing I have ever heard in my life.”  If Bush has said that, he would have been impeached.

In the final years of the Bush Presidency, his opponents were fond of saying he would go down in history as one of the worst Presidents of all time...

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Obama is insulting.

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