Great new sports book.

Black14 While I was in Denver last week, I picked up a book called “Black 14.”  It is the story of the University of Wyoming football team in the 60’s and early 70’s.

In 1969 a group of 14 black players on Wyoming’s team asked Coach Lloyd Eaton if they could wear black arm bands in their game against BYU in protest of the policies of the Mormon church which didn’t allow blacks to enter into the priesthood.

Eaton over-reacted and kicked all 14 players off the team immediately.  It ruined the program for years to come.

There are some fascinating things in this book.  I was never even aware that Wyoming was on the verge of becoming a national powerhouse in college football, I didn’t know blacks couldn’t be priests in the mormon church and I didn’t have a clue about this story until I read the book.

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Drew Lane is back on WRIF

I got this e-mail from a WRIF listener.  It appears that Drew and Mike are reuniting on WRIF July 13.

Hey Gregg,

All of us at 101 WRIF appreciate your loyalty as a listener and member of the RIFF Cybercrew.  

Our team here considers all Cybercrew members a part of the WRIF family.  Like any team member, we want you know about announcements and changes before you hear it in the news.  

That's why I'm asking you to join us in welcoming Drew Lane back to the airwaves here at 101.1 WRIF as he reunites with Mike Clark to bring back Detroit's most popular morning show.    

Drew's first day back on the air will be Monday, July 13th.    

Your loyalty to WRIF Mornings over the past year has been greatly appreciated by Mike, Marc, Trudi and Jamie.  

This news is a little odd...

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Detroit radio ratings!

The latest Detroit radio ratings are in and the results are surprising in some areas, yet not so surprising in others.

WXYT became the # 1 station in Detroit and while it is a surprise, maybe it shouldn’t be such a shock.
I never suspected the stations switch from AM to FM would propel it to # 1, I was certain it would mean the end of WDFN and it was, but going all the way to # 1 is a bit of a surprise.

WXYT likely got a boost from the Red Wing’s Stanley Cup run and from residual Tiger listening, but congratulations are still in order for the Air Staff at WXYT.  Even without the play-by-play ratings, WXYT is still posting strong numbers in all its dayparts.  The morning show is strong, Karsch and Anderson are performing and Valenti and Foster are #1 in PM Drive.

Credit also has to go to Tom...

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