Your old pal 3G is asking for a favor!

ok, I know I can count on you folks for a little favor from time to time.

Jungle Java – Round Rock has been nominated for “Best indoor playspace” by and Nickelodeon-TV.

The voting is all being done on-line and the winner will get some mentions on Nickelodeon.

I’d appreciate it if you could log on and give us a quick vote, there is no registration necessary to vote and you can just click the link below to give us some love.

Thank you, your vote is greatly appreciated!

For Indoor Playspace
in Austin

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How to listen to any radio station or Internet show on your car radio!

I recently change my phone from the Motorola Q to a Blackberry Curve (thank GOD for Verizon’s’s “two and it’s new” deal) and one of the main reason I upgraded was to have the ability to listen to any radio show in the country on my phone.

Most of you know I am a HUGE fan of Phil Hendrie (KJCE) and Neil Rogers (WQAM) and I like to listen when I am driving around town chauffeuring kids, etc.  Until now I’ve had to listen with an ear piece.  Today I was driving around in my brother’s car and noticed that he had an Ipod plug, so I plugged in my phone and bingo, I was listen to Pat Caputo on WXYT talk about the Red Wings.  It was nice to have a slice of home on the radio.  Anybody can do it, all you need to do is follow these instructions.


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Why the NHL is 3rd rate!

Check out my new column on why the NHL is a 3rd rate league at Motor City Sports!

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