Happy Memorial Day dad and all veterans!

Memorial day Happy Memorial Day to my dad and Grandfather, both WWII vets and all the other families who's lives have been touched by the men who fought to make this country great!

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This piece of video from Channel 4 made year! Funniest thing ever!

This is Rhonda Walker reading birthday wishes yesterday on Channel 4’s morning news show.

She happily wish a Mr. Eaton Beaver a happy 69th birthday!!  ROFL.  GOD, this is just too good.

It’s too bad they didn’t get to Craven Moorehead’s big day!

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Alec Baldwin is an ignorant twit!

When Alec Baldwin isn’t cussing out his his own flesh and blood in a profanity laced tirade, it’s good to know he is becoming a automotive expert.

Baldwin took time from his stellar parenting duties recently to pen this article “The Rise and Fall of Detroit” for the far left rag “Huffington Post.”

While I don’t take issue with him having an opinion, some of his opinions are flat out false and others are just a product of his extreme left wing views.

One of his issues is with management and how they ran the auto companies over the last 30 years.

“The heads of these corporations did not spend the last thirty years lying in bed each night, sleepless...

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