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Six months into his Presidency and people think Obama is failing.

Check out this CNN poll that says more American’s think Obama is a failure after six months than GWB.

Ouch, this has to hurt the Obama zombies.

The poll is from CNN so it appears that there is no bias to blame here.


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I think I miss Bill Clinton!

ClintonWhen Bill Clinton got off the plane this morning from North Korea, I’ll admit, I was comforted. 

After 8 years of chaos under G.W. Bush and 7 months of embarrassing missteps under Obama, I long for the days when I felt like Washington was somewhat “under control.”

I know Clinton wasn’t perfect and I never voted for him, but at the very least he was Presidential and always had a grip on the events around him.  I don’t think G.W. Bush or Obama have ever made me feel comfortable with their grasp of the issues.  Bush was too nutty to the right and Obama appears to be an extreme lefty.  I don’t think I am the only one who had this feeling today.  When I saw Clinton and Gore, I was honestly “comfortable” and actually wished for a return to the days when things were “normal.” 

This country has ...

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Great comedy on Monday night

If you are looking for a lot of great laughs, check out my buddy Victor Monday night.

You all know that Victor is a hilarious guy, yes, he’s edgy but he’s always good for multiple “drinks out the nose laughs.”

Here are the details of his show.

Show Starts at 8 pm…. doors open at 7:30…. you can make reservations if needed. 
It does cost $5.00 a person.

Its at Joeys Comedy Club in Livonia…..

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