Yes, Jamie is gone from WRIF.

Longtime Detroit Radio Host and my former partner Jamie Samuelsen seems to have left the Drew and Mike Show on WRIF.  There was a blurb in the Free Press on Sunday that said "Samuelsen will leave the show."  I called Jamie but have not heard back from him yet.  His byline with the Freep also has removed the part about WRIF.

he hasn't been fired from Greater Media and they are looking for
another position for him in the company.  My guess is that he could end
up doing some sports work at WCSX as D & D don't like to do sports in their show.

departure from Drew and Mike isn't a surprise given the economic
realities facing radio these days, they simply didn't need him to do
what he was hired to do any longer so they pulled him off the show.

wish the best for Jamie but I d...

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I found tons of old WDFN tapes!

Click the “Gregg and Jamie” link to the left if you want to hear some VERY early Jamie and Gregg Shows.  I found these shows while I was moving to a new house here in Round Rock.  I can’t believe how different Jamie and I sounded when we first started.

I have a lot of other audio that I will digitize and put here on the web site if you are interested.

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Jamie and Gregg on WDFN

January 3, 1995 

This was pretty early into our partnership and just days before Butch, Keith and Mega were let go.  If you listen you will even hear an early Wojodamus promo, back before he went commercial.  We also talked about Scott Mitchell following the loss to Philadelphia in the 1995 playoffs.

Classic Spousal Arousal Audio

  •  1-10- 2002: Nathan and Carrie.  Nathan is going to the Casino and Carrie doesn’t like it.


  • 1-17-2002: Stephanie and Ryan.  Ryan is going on a trip with the boys.  Steph says he’s a drunk.


  • 1-24-2002: Derek and Bonnie. Derek gets pulled over.  Bonnie swears like crazy.


  • Roger and Jill: I’m not getting rid of my cats!

Not getting Rid of my Cats

  • Matt and Emily: The Wedding

The We...

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