Former NFL Player: Harbaugh Didn’t Know What He Was Doing?

Former NFL RB Brandon Jacobs had this to say today about Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.  This lacks credibility as it just comes off as sour grapes.  Clearly he has an ax to grind, Harbaugh’s record kinda speaks for itself.



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PODCAST: Gregg, Big Drew & Jim: Friday, May 12, 2017

Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim talk J.D. Martinez returning to the Tigers lineup and Madden curses. Also, the guys discuss Mark Dantonio’s favorite player; Draymond Green’s attitude; and the QLine coming to Detroit.

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Jim Harbaugh To The Chicago Bears! Nonsense!

Personally I love seeing article from various websites, that are not credible, claiming Jim Harbaugh to the Chicago Bears “could happen.”

Michigan fans are use to this type of click bait, but it is necessary to point out why and how these articles are click bait and meaningless.

The most recent claim comes from a website called, I know, I know, what a name to use if you want to be taken seriously.   In the article entitled, “Why Jim Harbaugh Is A Serious Candidate To Coach The Bears In 2018,” the author lays out his case for Harbaugh jumping back to the NFL and it is laughable considering it regurgitates every tired narrative we’ve heard about Harbaugh since he left the Niners to join Michigan.

Check out this vague, unattributed passage.

This Jim Harbaugh Bears connection...

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