Stoney and Wojo Bobblehead

Well, we are moving again and that means I am finding all kids of “crap” I didn’t know I even had stuffed in every nook in the house.

So look what I found today.  It is a genuine Stoney and Wojo WDFN bobblehead.  This gem features Stoney with the classic salt and pepper look.  If you are interested, bid here….as always the money goes to the Humane Society.

Click here to bid

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Delusional Florida Fan Post Wildly Inaccurate “Preview” Of The Michigan Game

This is why we can’t have nice things and why Florida fans shouldn’t have blogs.

Check out this “Michigan v. Florida preview” piece written by a Florida fan boi.  It’s inaccurate and embarrassing that he published this piece and hasn’t edited the mistakes.  The guy is entitled to write whatever he would like to write, but to have so many gross inaccuracies is bad, really bad.

Let’s start with the dumbest part of the article first and we’ll get to the less dumb stuff later.  Here’s a great one about the linebackers.

On the other hand, Michigan’s oldest linebacker this year will be sophomore Devin Bush. That is horrifying news for a defense that traditionally makes its living stopping the run...

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I’m no longer with Iheart Media, what is next?

Last week I was let go from Iheart Media.  I’ve been with them in Pittsburgh for the last five years and it was surprising and out of the blue.  It’s a cold hard reality of radio in 2017, the business is in bad shape and all radio professionals are hoping it corrects itself soon as there are a lot of radio guys out of work waiting for something to change.

Advertisers are fleeing traditional media in droves for the internet and other “new” media, it’s totally understandable and predictable and my job loss isn’t an exception.

Even though I love Pittsburgh and will be moving on soon, I’ll miss this place and my show in Grand Rapids and Detroit….I loved working with Jim Costa and Drew, we were winning in a HUGE way in Grand Rapids and were showing small progress in Detroit on WDFN...

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