Michigan QB Battle

Channel 4’s Jamie Edmonds tweeted this yesterday:

I think this is baloney.  I’ve talked a few sources at Michigan and this is a non-starter.  Michigan will not rotate QB’s while Harbaugh decides who is the starter.

There is absolutely zero chance that Jim Harbaugh and Pep Hamilton will start the season without a clear number one.  I don’t think the winner of the QB battle will take every snap, but there will be a clear number one when Michigan takes on Florida in Dallas.

From what I am told, there is a legit QB battle, but it’s Wilton Speight’s gig to lose, he’s the front runner and unless he proves...

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Fox Sports Analyst On Michigan Football 2017

Bruce Feldman from Fox Sports breaks down Michigan Football.

Click here to watch his analysis.



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Stoney and Wojo Bobblehead

Well, we are moving again and that means I am finding all kids of “crap” I didn’t know I even had stuffed in every nook in the house.

So look what I found today.  It is a genuine Stoney and Wojo WDFN bobblehead.  This gem features Stoney with the classic salt and pepper look.  If you are interested, bid here….as always the money goes to the Humane Society.

Click here to bid

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