Of Course Michigan should and Would blow Joe Milton’s Redshirt

Michigan travels to New Jersey this week to beat the snot out of Rutgers and the biggest question should be “who plays when Shea Patterson is done before halftime?”

There is an easy question to answer…the backup “this week” should be Brandon Peters.

I said after the bowl loss to South Carolina that Peters had played his last meaningful snaps at Michigan and I believe that is still the case.  Most snaps against Rutgers should be meaningless.

When the blowout is on in Piscataway on Saturday Michigan will trot out Peters to mop up.  It’s the right choice.  Joe Milton has already played a couple of games but he should be available if needed.

Michigan is in a situation where they very easily could make the college football playoff; any talk of preserving Milton’s red-shirt, should he be needed, is insane.  If he’s Michigan’s best option to win, he should play.

Red-shirting a player is great in theory, but a player like Milton will be used if Michigan needs him to step in during a critical situation.

This is 2018, winning matters and if Milton is as advertised, he should be used to preserve a potential championship season.  There is no reason NOT to play him if the playoffs are on the line and Patterson is unavailable.

Michigan now has a QB pipeline, they no longer have to rob and steal seasons from talented quarterbacks, they have plenty of QB talent and more on the way.  Players come and players go, talented QB’s are now the standard in Ann Arbor, there is no reason to preserve eligibility.  If something terrible happens to Shea Patterson and Michigan needs Joe Milton, he should play.

Fans should stop worrying about red shirts, players who are ready, will play and it shouldn’t be an issue.

If Michigan needs Joe Milton, Michigan needs to play Joe Milton.