Nation’s Top Recruit Writes Diary About His Recruiting Trip To Michigan.

Rashaun Gary, the number one recruit in the country has written a diary about his official visit to the University of Michigan.  The diary appears in the USA Today.

Here is an excerpt.

“Hey, this is Rashan Gary, or Big Rah. I feel at this point, we can still win at state. We’re hungrier than ever and everybody wants to win. We’re tired of the taste of losing.

Our trip down to IMG was a business trip and we had one goal in mind, to play a tough game and hopefully come out with the win. Everybody was focused on the game. As a team, we played with heart, but we made a couple of mistakes. We go back to practice this week to correct those so we don’t make them the next game. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Coach Harbaugh, but I saw him and that he came down to the game to support me and my teammates was cool.

My visit to Michigan (on Sept. 25) was good. I’ve been there three times before. I already had a good idea how it was. I just needed to go there and check out the business school, a place where I plan on spending the majority of my time because hopefully that will be my major. I wanted to get a good feel for how people were at the campus and I accomplished that while I was there. There were a lot of nice people. You ask them a question and they don’t mind it. Here in Jersey, a lot of people won’t say hi until you say hi. I saw Chris (Partridge, the former coach at Paramus, now an assistant at Michigan). We just talked about my high school season, just catching up and stuff.”

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Gary seems to be high on the Wolverines.  The recruiting experts think it’s a battle between Auburn and Michigan with Michigan in the lead.