More Players Leaving Michigan

Jim Harbaugh has issues with this team at Michigan.  They may be fixable but he has to be self aware enough to change.

My number one source at Michigan is telling me all is not right with the Wolverines football program, there are a few problems that may or may not be fixable.

First, Jim has a credibility issue.  Players think he is not truthful.  For example, he apparently told James Hudson he would start in 2019, but when JBB got hurt, they played Andrew Stueber.  Hudson left the following Monday.  Hudson wasn’t happy that he was misled by the coaching staff, he wanted to leave before the 2018 season but wasn’t granted his release and was cajoled into staying with the promise he would start in 2019.   When JBB went down with an injury and Hudson didn’t play, his mom was pissed and he was gone.

Harbaugh’s credibility is an issue from everything to playing time to positions, something isn’t right. My source claims, “He lies to kids all the time.”  I’m not sure that Harbaugh is any different than any other coach in this area, but I’m told it’s a big issue.  Remember what the players said when the 2018 season started?  “He’s different, he wants hugs.”  This is all the evidence you need to see that Harbaugh is not a players coach and that players aren’t zombies, they expect you to be honest and a man of your word.  Not an unrealistic expectation.  However, I don’t think Harbaugh is any less honest than Saban, Urban, Swinney, Brian Kelly, etc.  This is part of big time college athletics, I’m sure Harbaugh isn’t unique in misleading players.  Losing big games just magnifies it.

Zach Gentry is another issue, he came to Michigan to be a QB and although Harbaugh will send him to the NFL as a TE, he was told he was coming to Michigan to be a Quarterback.  It wasn’t an outright lie but Gentry decommitted from Texas to play QB for Harbaugh.  Gentry believes he could have played QB after Ruddock left and it’s hard to disagree that he wouldn’t have been better than Speight or O’Korn.

“Michigan didn’t play today, Florida played for Mullen,” according to my source.  Why?  Because Harbaugh is a “hammerhead and stuck in the 80’s offensively.”  It’s hard to disagree when you see such a poor offensive performance.

“Don Brown is a great recruiter but he’s simplistic.”  This is a true statement as Brown’s defenses are one dimensional and terrible against play-making QB’s.  I’m not sure how you fix this, but Brown has to be better in 2019.

My conversation wasn’t all negative, my source thinks Harbaugh can fix this but there has to be more honestly and less “do what you have to do” to recruit players.  The kids will still come because this is Michigan but they will also leave if they don’t believe the coaches (Harbaugh) are on the up and up.

On a side note, Gentry is leaving for the NFL, he got a grade from the NFL draft board and will bail.

I’m also told that Quinn Nordin has been kicked off the team.  Apparently he mother f**cked Harbaugh in practice and was immediately booted.  Insiders say Nordin is a bad guy on the team and off and it was a matter of time before he was shown the door.  It’s too bad as the kid has a rocket for a leg, but a pea for a brain.  No big loss.

I’ll have more information, I’m working on some other info but can’t confirm anything at this point.

It’s gonna be an interesting off-season.  Prediction, Pep will leave and Harbaugh will have an OC in 2019.