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Michigan QB Battle Is Over

Michigan QB Battle Is Over

I didn’t believe it at first, but those in the know insist that red-shirt senior John O’Korn gave Wilton Speight all he could handle in the QB battle but fell short of winning the starting job in the end.  For the record I was almost 100% confident Speight would job out with the starters against Florida.

Michigan has a QB and his name is Wilton Speight.  Sources say Speight and O’Korn both had great camps but Speight won the right to start against Florida by a slim margin.  Observer say both QB’s are energized new offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton and his presence was particularly “energizing” for O’Korn.

The downside of the battle was red-shirt Freshman Brandon Peters performance, one observer described Peters as “lost.”  Dylan McCaffrey had a great camp and has passed Peters on the depth chart but it would take an act of GOD for Harbaugh to pull his red shirt.

Michigan fans who are disappointed that Speight will start, shouldn’t be, the guy has shown a lot of growth in one year under Harbaugh and it isn’t a stretch to extrapolate that growth into a big year in 2017, he’s got the tools and the mental makeup to be very successful in Harbaugh’s system.  He needs to stay healthy and hit a few long balls and he could be a breakout performer in 2017.

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