Michigan On The Verge Of Some Major Recruiting Commitments?

I believe the 2017 recruiting class could be the best class ever recruited to Ann Arbor, Michigan is off to a great start and there are rumblings that many of the “pipeline 9” are either leaning toward the Wolverines or ready to commit.

The Michigan Insider believes the Wolverines are about to have a HUGE month and that it is only the beginning.  The info is pay walled, so I don’t want to give specifics, but the guys are dropping some major info about potential Detroit commitments.  I’m thinking it’s a 5 star WR and a couple of 4 star DB’s.

In addition to the rumblings out of Detroit, 5 star OT Isaiah Wilson showed up on Instagram wearing a Michigan sweatshirt.

Wilson shirt

All in all, it appears Michigan is about to have a huge month and and even better signing day.