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Jim Harbaugh To The Chicago Bears! Nonsense!

Jim Harbaugh To The Chicago Bears! Nonsense!

Personally I love seeing article from various websites, that are not credible, claiming Jim Harbaugh to the Chicago Bears “could happen.”

Michigan fans are use to this type of click bait, but it is necessary to point out why and how these articles are click bait and meaningless.

The most recent claim comes from a website called sportsmockey.com, I know, I know, what a name to use if you want to be taken seriously.   In the article entitled, “Why Jim Harbaugh Is A Serious Candidate To Coach The Bears In 2018,” the author lays out his case for Harbaugh jumping back to the NFL and it is laughable considering it regurgitates every tired narrative we’ve heard about Harbaugh since he left the Niners to join Michigan.

Check out this vague, unattributed passage.

This Jim Harbaugh Bears connection exists. It would be foolish to deny it. Of course it doesn’t guarantee anything. He could very well stay in college, but rumors have hinted for the past year plus that he is awaiting an opportunity to get back into the NFL. Specifically in Chicago .

This claim couldn’t be more vague and devoid of actual reporting if a 6 year old wrote it….”he might go,” “not guarantees”,”awaiting an opportunity,” seriously, what does this even mean?  It means nothing.

Here is another one.

Nothing is set in stone of course. Harbaugh could easily lose the itch and stay in his cushy position at Ann Arbor. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons to think he’d make the jump back to the pro level. Here are the biggest ones and why the Bears are the desired landing spot.

Wow, talk about playing both sides of the fence, again, nothing tangible and a tired old narrative that the Bears are a “desired landing spot,” funny, considering this is more unattributed junk that Harbaugh has never said, right up there with “his wife won’t leave the bay area.”  You see a pattern here, NOBODY has ever had more quotes attributed to him that Jim Harbaugh with not one of them ever having been proven.  It simply isn’t his style to discuss this type of stuff with anybody, he’s never don’t it and never will anybody who claims to know what Harbaugh is thinking is a liar and a fraud.

The article even goes as far as to claim that 2018 is the year because the Bears “might” have had interest in Harbaugh in 2011.  I mean really, how can this not confirm he’s got one foot out the door for Chicago….they LOVED him in 2011.

If you need actual reporting on Harbaugh, do yourself a favor and follow John U. Bacon on twitter, he’s actually as plugged in as it gets with Harbaugh and is one of the few reporters actually qualified to report on the Michigan football coach.  Here is the latest from Bacon, this whole article is nothing but click bait.



Unfortunately Harbaugh is good for the web business, write his name and the clicks come, too bad the credibility isn’t directly linked to actually reporting facts and not what fans are wishing for at the local watering hole.