Jim Delany Takes The Heat, But He Isn’t a “Moron”

Ncaa_big10logo_300Big Ten Comissioner Jim Delany is taking a lot of heat for the recent reveal of the new Big Ten divisional names and the logo. The criticism is valid for the most part, but to call him a moron and the Big Ten arrogant is just piling on.

I don’t know why there is so much distain for the logo or the division names.  Granted “Leaders” and “Legends” is corny, but honestly who cares.  The logo and the division names are irrelevant, they won’t make a difference when the Big Ten takes the field against the SEC, Big 12 and Pac 10 this holiday season.

JimdelanyThe other issue is the complete trashing of the Big Ten Commissioner.  Jim Delany isn’t a moron.  This is the guy was, like it or not, influential in the creation of the BCS.  It may not be a perfect system but it does put a lot of money into the vaults of BCS teams.  He also created the Big Ten Network which is a resounding success by any measure.  Remember when people laughed at him for his idea to create a network for the conference?  The Big Ten Network is now the standard for every other major conference.  Delany has also showed a steady hand in conference expansion. he hasn’t just settled for any University off the street, during his tenure the Big Ten has added Penn State and Nebraska.  He also was the first to develop and institute instant replay in college football.

I understand that it is common and fashionable to trash commissioners of any sports, Bug Selieg and Gary Bettman, but this isn’t one of them.  I suspect before long nobody will care about the name of the divisions or the design of the Big Ten’s logo.

What do you think?