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Jalen, Please Stop Begging Chris Webber To Reunite With The Fab 5.

Jalen, Please Stop Begging Chris Webber To Reunite With The Fab 5.

Chris Webber has a problem, he’s never been able to own up to his own mistakes.

That is the real reason Chris Webber won’t be in Atlanta tonight, he is embarrassed that he was the only member of the Fab 5 who took money from Ed Martin.  Jalen didn’t, Juwan didn’t, neither did Ray or Jimmy.  Only Chris Webber took the money and ONLY Chris Webber won’t own up to it.  I’m a little shocked that the other Fab’s pine away for the one guy who ruined their legacy.

If Chris Webber hadn’t called the timeout  if Chris Webber hadn’t taken $400,000 from Ed Martin, while pleading poverty, thing might have been a lot different for the Fab 5 today.

Chris Webber ushered in a new era of athlete, the selfish one who always believed he was being exploited and taken advantage of at every turn.  Remember the Nightline special where Chris put his finger in Gene Stalling’s face and said “you don’t know what it’s like to see your jersey hanging in the store and not be able to buy a pizza?”  All the while, Chris was taking tons of money from Ed Martin.  It easily illustrated a self-centered child who has no concept of his own ignorance.

When Chris was a Country Day, I thought the kid had it all, good looks, a great smile, ability that was off the charts and a great upbringing.  Looking back I couldn’t have been more wrong.  He’s an ugly person who was clearly brought up wrong.  I find it ironic that the kid who actually grew up in the hood, Jalen Rose turned out to be the better man.

No, Chris isn’t showing up tonight because he’s an overgrown baby, incapable to putting the past behind him, owning up to his own mistakes and moving on with his life.  He lives in a perpetual “me, me, me” world, where he is always right and everybody else is exploiting him.  I wonder what his life and career would have been like if he had simply taken accountability for his action and developed into the man the other Fab 5’s have become.  Sad.

Here’s a little C-Webb rap to get you excited for the game tonight.