Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher ‘applauds’ Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh for trying something different

Finally a southern coach who isn’t a Nancy.  FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher certainly isn’t afraid of a little competition.

From the Palm Beach Post!

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher has no problem with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh holding a week of practice in Florida.

But it’s the rules that allow a team to travel 1,200 miles to practice on a high school campus but not permit a coach to speak to coaches on that same campus that must be addressed.

“I applaud the guy,” Fisher said today about Harbaugh’s decision to have his football team spend spring break at IMG Academy in Bradenton. “He’s doing things he has to do to be successful.

“Jim beat the rules. That fine. I applaud Jim for trying to do something different.”

Fisher’s issue comes with the discrepancy in the rules. Fisher said he and three other coaches, including Alabama’s Nick Saban, were asked by IMG to speak at a coach’s clinic during the spring evaluation period in late April. Fisher agreed but was forced to back out when he was informed by the FSU compliance department that it would be an NCAA violation.

“I started thinking — we can’t speak on their campus during the evaluation period and they’re allowed to practice there when no coaches are allowed to be out (recruiting)?” Fisher said. “Don’t tell us we can’t speak at a clinic there but they can practice.”

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