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Ex-Michigan Players Want Dave Brandon OUT As The Michigan AD

Ex-Michigan Players Want Dave Brandon OUT As The Michigan AD

Since my post two days ago about the Michigan AD position, I’ve been inundated with information from people in the Athletic Department and former players.  I’m not sure where to start, but here goes….

I’m told that more than 450 ex-football players signed a petition and presented it to the Board of Regents at Michigan to oust Dave Brandon from his position.  The players believe that Brandon is completely out of control and tearing the Athletic Department apart at the seams, he is a bull in a China shop.  According to the ex-player group, he is disrespectful to everyone in the department and often disciplines and fired employees on a whim.  The department is “toxic” right now.  Apparently he has alienated nearly everybody in the department and some in the B1G offices.

Here is an e-mail from a former Michigan Football Captain to the Regents at Michigan outlining the “grievances” against Brandon.

1)Student tix reorders down over14,000
2)alumni tix reorder down big (DB wont announce #)
3)DB micromanages M sports
  – On sidelines during games, hugging and coaching players on nationwide television
  -cutting nets down in regional final 4 championship, before head coach
  -attends football staff meetings and reviews game films w coaches
4)Took U of M regents out of following decisions..
  -$6,000,00 grant to fund lacrosse programs
  -head coaching hires
  -dynamic tix pricing
  -seat licences affecting lifelong season ticket holder
  -major price increases of season tickets to al (wants corporations,not lifelong M holders)
 5)Got Mary Sue Coleman president job w his republican vote then got her to name him AD after telling regents he only ran for regent so he could pursue political dreams(governor)
6)Broke past AD promises of “lifelong season tickets” to alumni members
7)Knew Les Miles and Jim Harbaugh wanted M job, never offered either
8)Mott Children Hospital handling of Charles Woodsn and Hutchinson charity (YaleVan Dyne to elaborate)
9)Put Daktronics video billboard facing Stadium Blvd without first consulting city of Ann Arbor..forced to take 2M investmet down
10)Has been quoted many times in national media, “I was CEO of 3  fortune 500 companies and learned if it’s not broke,break it”  He has succeeded in this one
11)Corporations,not alumni and students, rule M
12)Covered up Mary Sue Colemans drunk episode at Nebraska halftime as a “malfunction of the sound system”
13)Al Borges issues
14)Takes retired #’s and puts them on current players so he can sell more jerseys(what a prick and a slap in the face to all M tradition)
15)Sells sponsorship for head coach salary and others to people like Ira Harris e al
16)Everything for sale at U of M
Jacks up prices of hot dogs, water ect to students who cant afford it
17)Has alienated Schembechler boys
18)Did nothing after Ann Arbor police informed him before Iowa game that Brendan Gibbons and Lewan involved in rape case, then instructed coaches to say nada
19)Fires Ron Warhurst, Pam Stevens,Charley Green,Bruce Madeji and many others regardless of service to Michigan athletics
2)Reminds me of Adolph Hitler
Just a start boys, you and I have lots more
The most interesting of all these “grievances” is  number 7.  He knew Les Miles and Jim Harbaugh wanted the Head Coaching job and didn’t approach either of them, wow.
As far as Miles is concerned, Brandon flew to Baton Rouge to “talk to Les Miles,” while talking to Les at the Baton Rouge Airport he proceeded to tell Miles why he wasn’t going to offer the gig.  Including “I can’t afford you.”  In other words, he wasn’t hiring Miles under any circumstances.  He also NEVER even reached out to Jim Harbaugh.
One guy who played with Harbaugh and is still close with the Niner’s Head Coach told me flat out “Jim and Les’s dream job is Michigan” but Brandon’s old insecurities prevent him from hiring a coach with a higher profile than him.  Let me repeat and be clear, Les would leave LSU and Jim would consider the Michigan job if there was a new, acceptable AD running the show in Ann Arbor.  Both of these men want the Michigan job, they are just waiting to be wanted by Michigan.  The talk of Harbaugh not wanting to recruit is baloney according this website RoadBikeHub.com to those close to him, the wife doesn’t want to leave San Francisco, but would if Jim wanted to return to Michigan.
An interesting new name to surface on the potential AD list is Texas Tech Deputy AD Joe Parker who was instrumental in raising the money for the upgrades to Michigan Stadium among other projects.  Joe Parker is also extremely close to massive Michigan donor Stephen Ross, the owner of The Miami Dolphins.  He may be a better candidate at this point than Ward Manuel.
I’m also told that Brandon is in full panic mode over the Michigan attendance issue, he doesn’t want to be the AD that breaks the 100,000 plus streak.  I can also confirm than U of M is dumping tickets to schools and organizations in and around Ann Arbor, once they are out of Michigan’s hands they can count them at “sold.”
My sources tell me this is how it is likely to play out if Brandon is fired.
The new AD will be named and will have to give Brady Hoke one more year (2015) to be fair to him and the Athletic Department.  Most of Hoke’s people are pointing to next year as Brady’s best chance to compete for the B1G title and a playoff spot.  This scenario of course changes if Harbaugh is available.
David Brandon’s house of cards is collapsing and there are many “Michigan Men” who are happy and working to make it happen.
John U Bacon confirms the existence of the former players petition/letter.