ESPN Analysts Rips Brady Hoke

Mark May is a douche nozzle, we all know this, but it didn’t stop him and Lou Holtz from trashing Brady Hoke for making his Notre Dame is “chicken” comment.

ESPN’s “College Football Live” analysts took umbrage Tuesday at Brady Hoke’s little jab about Notre Dame “chickening out” of its series with Michigan.

“I think Brian Kelly ought to send Coach Hoke some cheese for his whine,” Mark May said. “… Why stir up the pot now, why write checks that you may not be able to cash? They lost to Notre Dame last year. This is perfect bulletin board material. Why would you do this?”

Lou Holtz, the former Irish coach, said Notre Dame is just doing it because it has to add those ACC games.

“They made that decision in what they thought was the best interest of the school and not in the best interest of Michigan, and that’s the way it should be,” Holtz said. “It’s not the fact that Notre Dame is afraid of Michigan, and to make that comment, I just didn’t think that was typical of Brady Hoke. He’s always done everything with so much class, and he’s going to regret having said that.”

May has made a career out of trashing Ohio State, I guess he wants another target in Michigan.

The fact is, he is right, Notre Dame did chicken out.  They didn’t do it because they fear Michigan, they just fear getting an early season loss that would hurt them in the National Championship hunt.  That is why they would rather face lesser programs like Michigan State and Purdue.

Michigan fans have to also acknowledge that Michigan’s schedule isn’t exactly the toughest non-conference slate in the nation.  They will only face one “big” opponent in the non-con as well.

The Notre Dame decision was about a more balanced schedule, not fear of Michigan.  But ND knows an annual brawl with Michigan only yields a 50/50 chance of winning, why risk it?

Calling ND chicken is funny and only adds spice to an already great history between the two teams.  It’s no worse than what Charlie Weiss said a couple years ago.

I guess he would have really gotten himself in a mess if he said Notre Dame was “fried Chicken”