Drew and Mike Update On 105.1

Wow, in the couple of hours since i last posted on Drew and Mike to 105.1, I’ve been inundated with information.

I have it on solid sources that Drew and Mike to 105.1 is NOT happening. Drew to 105.1 is happening.

My sources confirm that Mike’s absence from the “DrewCast” is intentional and the duo may not work together again.

So, rejoice Drew fans, there is something happening with ESPN and Drew in Detroit.  It may take a while to complete this deal, but it is happening.

It’s going to be a rough road for Sports on 105.1, but it is a doable proposition with Drew Lane on board.

And….why does Drew play “Abracadabra” by Steve Miller to start his podcast?  Is he hinting at turning up on a station known as “Magic?”  Help me out conspiracy theorists?