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Detroit radio ratings!

Detroit radio ratings!

The latest Detroit radio ratings are in and the results are surprising in some areas, yet not so surprising in others.

WXYT became the # 1 station in Detroit and while it is a surprise, maybe it shouldn’t be such a shock.
I never suspected the stations switch from AM to FM would propel it to # 1, I was certain it would mean the end of WDFN and it was, but going all the way to # 1 is a bit of a surprise.

WXYT likely got a boost from the Red Wing’s Stanley Cup run and from residual Tiger listening, but congratulations are still in order for the Air Staff at WXYT.  Even without the play-by-play ratings, WXYT is still posting strong numbers in all its dayparts.  The morning show is strong, Karsch and Anderson are performing and Valenti and Foster are #1 in PM Drive.

Credit also has to go to Tom Bigby for getting everybody on the same page, it would be easy to write WXYT’s success off as having a big FM signal, but clearly people are liking what they hear and WXYT now sets the standard nationally for sports radio ratings.  The Ticket in Dallas, WIP in Philly and WEEI in Boston are always strong in the ratings, but none have achieved the success of WXYT in DETROIT.  Congrats to WXYT for putting it all together.  Let’s see if Bigby pulls the same trick in Dallas.

CLearly Tom Bigby is the top sports programmer in radio, he’s now built two HUGE sports stations, WIP in Philly and WXYT in Detroit. The guy is tough but he knows how to win and his triumphant return to Detroit is a big win for all Detroit sports fans.

WRIF is still leaking listeners, while still # 1, the show is a shadow of its former self without Drew.  Mike in the Morning is a strong show, but listeners are clearly drifting from the old morning stalwart.

D & D are up at WCSX as well.

Check out John Smyntech’s ratings wrap-up for yournews.com.