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Delusional Florida Fan Post Wildly Inaccurate “Preview” Of The Michigan Game

Delusional Florida Fan Post Wildly Inaccurate “Preview” Of The Michigan Game

This is why we can’t have nice things and why Florida fans shouldn’t have blogs.

Check out this “Michigan v. Florida preview” piece written by a Florida fan boi.  It’s inaccurate and embarrassing that he published this piece and hasn’t edited the mistakes.  The guy is entitled to write whatever he would like to write, but to have so many gross inaccuracies is bad, really bad.

Let’s start with the dumbest part of the article first and we’ll get to the less dumb stuff later.  Here’s a great one about the linebackers.

On the other hand, Michigan’s oldest linebacker this year will be sophomore Devin Bush. That is horrifying news for a defense that traditionally makes its living stopping the run. The situation there is so dire that Michigan had to plug sophomore safety Khaleke Hudson into the hybrid Viper position that Jabrill Peppers once occupied just to field a two deep. And while Hudson brings the physical upside of an aggressive safety, he’s also extremely raw.

Bush is Michigan’s oldest LB?  Huh?  Somehow this clown forgot that Michigan is returning a 5th year senior in Mike McCray and seniors Noah Furbush (you said furbush) and Mike Wroblewski to go along with Devin Bush. There are also plenty of guys who saw significant action at LB in 2016.  I’m not sure where this guy got the impression that the wolverines were “forced to plug Khaleke Hudson” into the viper position.  Hudson was recruited to play that position for Don Brown, he wasn’t “forced” into it.

Oh, but there is more….

 Talent has never been the issue with Jim Harbaugh, but the Wolverines are almost certain to take a step back in 2017 with a complete lack of experience across the board. How big of a step back is yet to be determined.

I don’t think that it’s a done deal that Michigan will take a “step back” at all, there is more than enough talent and returning contributors for Michigan to actually take a step forward!  Look, Ohio State got rocked by departures in 2016 and managed to plug in young kids and do pretty well last season, while Michigan isn’t at that level yet, the recruiting has been stellar, so Michigan doesn’t have to take a step back at all.  They obviously could slide a bit in 2017  but it is’t “certain” at all.  The schedule should help with Ohio State and Sparty at home.  Michigan will be favored to win in nine of its games, including the season opener with Florida.  They won’t be favored at Wisconsin, at Penn State and home against the Buckeyes.  I’m dubious that Michigan will lose to Penn State, I have my fraud detectors up on the Nittany Lions.  As you can see I think there are 9, 10 or even 11 wins in the cards for Michigan, I’m not quite certain how that is a “step back.”  Maybe I can’t count.


But faced with filling virtually every possible hole a team could have to fill in an off-season will at the very least make for a rough September for Harbaugh.

Help me out, why is losing players to the NFL draft only a bad thing for schools playing against the school you root for?  A simple look at the NFL draft from April reveals that no less than five Florida defensive players were drafted in the first 78 spots.  Just a thought, but I’m guessing Jim McElwain isn’t thrilled to have to replace have of his defense either.

Um, no….

Yet, history has a funny way of being taken out of the equation when one team is significantly more experienced, bigger, faster, stronger, and better. 

Ok, I’m willing to give this guy the “experience” narrative but I’m not sold on the facts that Michigan is significantly more inexperienced than the gators, the Wolverines don’t have a ton of returning players but they do bring back a good amount of reps on the defensive side and I’m also convinced that the new wolverines are much more talented than the graduated wolverines.

The “Bigger, faster, stronger and better” line is hilarious and appears to be yanked out of this guys southern orifice. It’s a bit odd to use this line when you have been out recruited by Harbaugh and company since both coaches arrived at their new jobs….maybe Harbaugh is recruiting smaller, slower, weaker and worse players than Florida yet still ending up higher in the recruiting rankings.  Odd.

I could go on all day tearing this article to pieces but I think you get the point, this guy is a clueless fan boi who has no interest in writing a fair and balanced preview.  If you are looking for a more balanced analysis, click this one.