Cris Carter (URBY’S WATER BOY) Says Harbaugh Wants Out Of Michigan

Dumb, not true and easily dismiss-able.  What Chris Carter said this morning is reprehensible.  Given the fact that he talked to Urban Meyer the night before, you know where this came from.  I don’t think Meyer said it, I think Carter is claiming this as a defense mechanism against the potential negative recruiting that Ohio State will experience by some schools following Meyer’s departure.  If they are worried about negative recruiting, they should look east to Happy Valley as James Franklin is widely known as a negative recruiter, I do not hear the same about the Michigan staff on the recruiting trail.

The Harbaugh narrative has been put to rest, except for the NFL media who trot out the rumor whenever they don’t have anything else to talk about.  Harbaugh isn’t leaving Michigan, barring something extremely unforeseen, he’s said and demonstrated it since the day he arrived to rescue the Michigan program.  While he has returned Michigan to national prominence, he hasn’t finished the job, he knows that and will finish it.

There is a certain segment of the Michigan fan base that is short sighted and angry, but those feelings will fade as the bowl game approaches and fans get a load of a potentially game changing recruiting haul headed for Michigan in 2019.  The program has momentum.

Chris Carter really did himself a dis-service with these comments as 100% of the football world knows he made up and planted this story, trust me, his own colleagues are scratchng their heads, they know this was nothing more than an OSU alums attempt to change the narrative.  This is really damaging stuff for his brand, no he isn’t a journalist, but even as a talking head you MUST have some type of verifiable credibility and he doesn’t, at all.

Look, you are nuts if you think this will end well for Ryan Day.  If 12-1 isn’t enough to satisfy OSU fans, what do Ryan Day’s next few years look like?  How can he possible top what Urban did in Columbus?  This likely won’t end well for Day!

I personally think recruiting will be Day’s major issue, OSU folks act like Urby isn’t the best recruiter in college football, face it, Meyer could sell ice to an Eskimo.  He’s was an unparalleled recruiter.  Day will recruit well, it is still OSU, but he can’t match Meyer, no way.

Urban will coach again soon, this whole side show was Urban having a hissy fit over a perceived slight by OSU brass.  He believes the OSU brass threw him under the bus when they suspended him and this is a double FU to the people in charge at OSU.  Yes, I think he has a health issue, but I don’t think he had to retire, he wanted to leave.  In the end, it’s who Urban Meyer is, a slick salesman with a ridiculous ego.  It had to end this way.