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VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Cuts Short Interview With Harbaugh

This is great.  Sorry, but it’s also vintage Harbaugh.

JIM HARBAUGH IS A HORRIBLE INTERVIEW.  This isn’t news.  Cowherd is a douche! Nobody, especially recruits, cares how good an interview a coach is with the media, nobody.

Check it out here.


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VIDEO: Subway Long Jump Fail!


This is good for a Thursday laugh. I’ll bet I know who this guy voted for!

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VIDEO: Official New Michigan “HYPE” Video

I hate the term “hype video,” but hey, it’s what the kids are saying.

Check out Michigan’s official video for the 2015 season.  Pretty cool.

The clip is narrated by rapper/actor Xzibit (a Detroit native). It features Bo Schembechler’s famous “The Team” speech, and Harbaugh’s signature “enthusiasm unknown to mankind” phrase.

I love the voice guy, great pipes!

Michigan won’t let us embed it so here is a link.




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