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Is This Local Auto Ad the Best — or Weirdest — of All Time?

Chances are the average Internet-goer hadn’t heard of Arlen’s Transmission in Burbank, Calif., before before this week. Now the local auto-repair shop is the talk of the web — or at least some of its more offbeat corners.


Why? The music video ad you see above. Between the catchy beat, dancing women and suggestive lyrics, it’s easy to see why the spot is getting shared far and wide on blogs and social media. Will all that attention actually get Arlen’s Transmission more customers? Who knows, but either way it’s some pretty good Internet.

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(Video) 62 Year Old Wrestles Shark Away From Children….Get’s Fired For His Effort!


A 62-year-old British man has become an Internet sensation as one of two men to wrestle a shark away from children on an Australian beach recently.

Paul Marshallsea, a grandfather, was filmed by a local news crew grabbing a six-foot-long shark by the tail at Caloundra beach near Brisbane in January, falling into the water as the beast tried to shake him off.

Marshallsea has received praise from national media, lifeguards, and readers worldwide, but says employers weren’t quite as impressed.

Apparently he was on sick leave at the time and, based on his behavior, he didn’t seem that sick.

“Whilst unfit to work you were well enough to travel to Australia and, according to recent news footage of yourself in Queensland, you allegedly grabbed a shark by the tail and narrowly missed being...

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Te’o Was Involved In The Hoax, But Not Why You Think!

ht_ronaiah_tuiasosopo_hoax_nt_130117_wbAfter hearing Manti Te’o’s comments on Katie Couric’s show yesterday, I have formulated an alternative opinion on the actual goal of the hoax.  I no longer think goal was to help Manti win the Heisman.  I think they conspired to help launch Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s acting career.

In his interview Te’o went out of his way to say that if the woman’s voice he was talking to was indeed Tuiasosopo’s he would have to be really talented to pull it off for so many months.  Doesn’t it seem like an odd quote from a guy who has just seen his own career and reputation damaged by a “friend’s” hoax?

As this goofy story takes turn after turn, I think it is completely plausible that Te’o went along with the hoax to help his goofy buddy land an acting gig...

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