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Picture of the Mouse with her buddy!

Mouse and Mook

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What is the hurry to demolish Tiger Stadium?

Ok, I’m confused.  Can somebody please explain to me why there is such a hurry to destroy what remains of Tiger Stadium when the train station still sits decaying?

I’m missing something, there has to be something political at work here, otherwise it would seem that Detroit’s demolition money could be better spent by finally tearing down the old downtown train station.
The fact that there could be a viable redevelopment plan for the Tiger Stadium site and there is NO PLAN for the old train station make you wonder what the hurry is to tear down the structure still remaining at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.
I wonder how much of this is the African American leaders trying to rid the city of a place that was “racist” for many years...
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Gregg and Michelle Cash Back rewards program!

Over the last couple of days the word has spread that Michelle and I are working to get back on the air together somewhere hosting a music morning show.  Times are tough so we decided to get creative and offer “cash and rewards” for anybody who refers us for a job or anyone who hires us to host a music Morning Show.

Michelle and I haven’t worked together in a couple of years and are really anxious to get back on the air together.

The radio market is tough right now so we’ve tried to come up with a contest to show our creativity so we are offering “Gregg and Michelle’s cash and rewards”for the radio station that hires us.  Check out the contest at the Gregg and Michelle web site.

To read the articles that have been written about the contest, click the links below.

Radio and Records

Detroit ...

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