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Another Michigan Player Could Go In The First Round Of The 2017 NFL Draft!


We already know that Jabrill Peppers (if he leaves), Jake Butt, and Jourdan Lewis are all likely to be selected in the first round of the 2017 but now Nick Baumgardner is reporting that NFL GM’s are eyeing Maurice Hurst Jr as another potential high draft pick for Michigan next year.

Check out Nick’s article here.


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Finebaum Rips Harbaugh Over SI Article

I like Paul Finebaum, I think he is a smart, entertaining guy and often check out his show on ESPN.  His show is obviously SEC slanted, but he is still one of he best in college football.  However, I think he really missed the mark with his recent commentary that “Harbaugh Is Just Annoying.”

I don’t have a problem with Finebaum having a strong opinion or even siding with the SEC in the satellite camp debate, but I do have a problem with him not knowing even the basic facts about Jim Harbaugh.

In the video, he claims that “Harbaugh is about Harbaugh,” but Hugh Freeze is about “family.”  What a colossal load of crap.  Harbaugh is in it for himself, Michigan and the athletes, he isn’t only about himself as is Hugh Freeze...

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Penn State People Are REALLY Hateful of Michigan and Harbaugh

The last couple of days have brought some serious hatred from Penn State slaps aimed directly at Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.  All illusions of journalism are off as a couple of PSU one seeds (in the top 64 slap dicks tournament) have gone off the rails to criticize Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s recruiting techniques and practices.

It started when someone called Pete Young, a writer for Pennlive.com, decided to attack Harbaugh out of the blue on twitter:

I have no clue why this guy has an ax to grind, but I am pretty sure he also wrote a column last fall claiming James Franklin was more of a threat to Urban Mey...

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