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Harbaugh To The Rams Is Absurd

Harbaugh smile

Get use to it Michigan fan, the Harbaugh to everybody rumors will never stop, ever!

The latest Harbaugh rumor is that the Ram’s will attempt to hire him as their Head Coach and it couldn’t be a more ridiculous take.  It’s fake news made up by one guy who has zero clue about anything to do with Harbaugh or the University of Michigan’s football team.

If you are looking for real information, follow the local Michigan beat writers and bloggers on twitter, Sam Webb, Nick Baumgardner, John U. Bacon and Angelique.  Anybody else who has anything to say about Harbaugh or Michigan is simply making it up.

It’s ridiculous that these so called “experts” use these opportunities to wind up the fan bases to get clicks on their web sites.  The internet has only fueled the rumor mill as it gives these fake news sites unearned clicks.

This is the logic that these “experts” are using when detailing the case for Harbaugh to the Rams.

Harbaugh seems firmly ensconced at Michigan, his alma mater and self-proclaimed dream job. Wolverine fans won’t want to hear it, but you’d better believe Harbaugh’s ego will love to get stroked by a potential return to the NFL. That the Rams are division rivals of the San Francisco team which unceremoniously dumped him won’t hurt, and having a promising young QB in Goff and a potential stud running back in Todd Gurley will appeal to Harbaugh’s creative offensive mind.

It seems extraordinarily unlikely Harbaugh would leave after just two years in Ann Arbor, but he’s definitely on any NFL team’s short list of top candidates.

So, we are to believe that Harbaugh is motivated to return to the NFL, ASAP to get revenge on the San Francisco 49’ers?  That is ridiculous.  Isn’t their abject failure without him proof enough?  They also claim that he has a burning desire to return to California, which is nuts.  His mom and dad moved to Ann Arbor to be near his family.  He has never even intimated he was interested in a return to California or he would have stayed there when he left the Niners.

If Harbaugh wanted to be in the NFL, he could have easily taken a job in the league after the Niners dumped him….remember, Oakland, Chicago, Philly and the NY Jets were all supposedly lined up to offer him a gig.  It never happened, he didn’t even listen because he wanted to be at Michigan.

These rumors are careless “click bait” and we fall for it every time.



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I’m Back On Detroit Radio And I Couldn’t Be Happier!


It’s been a long journey since I was unceremoniously fired from 97.1 FM in Detroit in September of 2005, while I wasn’t blameless the fix was in for many months before I was let go.  The company had already planned a cheaper, less edgy replacement and I was a goner the minute I attempted to “negotiate my contract.”

In the end, it all worked out for the best as I was able to move around the country and gain valuable life experiences; I loved it.  It was interesting to say the least, I loved every minute of it.

I spent my whole life trying to get out of Detroit and the next 14 years of my life trying to get back to the city and the people I know and love. I tried to deny it, but Detroit and its teams are home and where I belong.

I was hired away from WDFN for the sole purpose of being fired, I fell for it hard.  I should have never left WDFN and if I had stayed we would have at the VERY least stayed in the game.  If I had stayed, we would have competed.  I made a mistake and left…I was induced by a “snake oil salesman” to leave WDFN, he set me up to fail and reveled in it.

My 14 years away have made me acutely aware of my love of the Motor City and its people, it is where I belong.  Thank you for your support, let’s do this….