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See Your First Tweet!

Today is twitters 8th birthday.  Click here to see your first tweet!

Here was my first.




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Twitter Trolling….

Today is a new feature on Gregghenson.com, it’s called twitter trolling and it is basically me posting twitter questions and answering them right here on the blog.  Feel free to send me stuff you are curious about on twitter @gregghenson and I will post the best ones here!
Tweet 1

Jon K, Hoke isn’t going anywhere.  Michigan believes the program is in good hands and heading in the right direction whether the fan base believes it or not.  I agree that the results aren’t there at all, but revenue is up (for now), recruiting is off the charts for Michigan.  You may have to take “this garbage” for one more year as Hoke is only into his 2nd full recruiting class, 2014 will be his third...

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Will THAT Tweet Get You Fired? An App Will Warn You.

twitter-artIf you’ve complained about your boss or job on Twitter, watch out for a warning from a new app called FireMe!. Ricardo Kawase and his team at the University of Hannover, Germany, created the tool, which tracks certain negative phrases about bosses and jobs and rates how likely they are to get the poster fired.

When FireMe! flags such a tweet, it automatically sends a tweet to the user in question, reading something like, “Can you imagine if your boss gets to know that you said: ‘I hate my job so much’. You said that on Twitter and the whole world can see it!” according to New Scientist. (I’d be surprised if that exact tweet was sent, since it clocks in at 138 characters with no space for a handle.)

The offending user is also sent a link to their FireMeter! score, a percentage showing how...

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