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(LISTEN) Audio Of Sport Host Crushing Rick Pitino!

CBS RADIO Sports WBZ-F BOSTON’s morning team TOUCHER and RICH are making news on the sports page with their “shortest interview ever” with UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE basketball coach RICK PITINO on THURSDAY.

The entirety of the interview consisted of this:

TOUCHER : We are joined by RICK PITINO, former coach of the CELTICS, current coach of the LOUISVILLE CARDINALS who won the national championship. RICK PITINO, hello!

PITINO: Morning, guys.

FRED: You stink. You ruined the CELTICS. (hangs up)

Hear it here!

What do you think? Classless or hilarious?

ESPN’s Ryen Russillo and WEEI’s John Dennis Nearly Got in a Fight at the ESPN Super Bowl Party

What a couple of self important cheeseballs.

At ESPN’s Super Bowl party last night in Indianapolis, apparently Massachusetts boys Ryen Russillo (ESPN) and John Dennis (WEEI) nearly started the fight they should have had seven years ago.

Russilo Callahan

The 2005 backstory: Allegedly, Russillo was at a party in Boston and is rumored to have hit on a female.This female was the daughter of John Dennis. Naturally, Dennis wasn’t too thrilled – it’s unknown what else Russillo may have said – but he ended up leaving Russillo an expletive-filled voicemail (listen here).

You can read more about the incidenthere and here.

According to someone who was at the ESPN party Friday night, the two ran into each other again, words were exchanged, and they nearly came to blows. You know these mouthy types from Boston – it was probably just a lot of talk. But Russillo apparently still wants a piece of the old man – he’s been tweeting at him this afternoon and would love to get in the ring with him “for charity.” Dennis is lobbing love notes right back. (H/T:  The Big Lead)


Are The Lions Really Super Bowl Contenders?

Lions09BasicSmall According to Chad Millman (no clue who he is) the Detroit Lions are now 10-1 odds to win the Super Bowl in 2012 in Indianapolis.  I’m not sure I am buying that kind of success just yet, but I think we will all be forced to reevaluate our attitudes about the Lions before the 2011 season is over.

There are many reason why I don’t think the Lions are actual Super Bowl contenders just yet.  I think Stafford is still really young and will likely make some more mistakes as he grows into one of the NFL’s elite QB’s.  Yes, I do think he has the intangibles to blow past the Tony Romo’s of the world in the pecking order, I doubt he will plateau as Romo has for Dallas.  The offensive line is also a concern, I understand that Pittsburgh made it to the final game last year with a patchwork line, but this current O-line isn’t even mediocre.  Jeff Backus has seen his best days and Gosder Cherilus is a waste.  The O-line will be the Lions downfall this season.

Luckily the team is young enough that over the next few seasons they will be able to draft and add offensive lineman that can truly anchor this team and propel Detroit into an extend run of playoff appearances that end in..dare I say, multiple Super Bowl opportunities?

This team is different than past years, the Lions are finally built on a solid foundation.  Face it, the success of the 90’s teams were build on the back of Barry Sanders.  They were never a solid teams, it was always Barry. 

The Lions are stocked with great young talent like they have never had before, Stafford, Best, Johnson, Suh and company form a crew that is finally, after so many years of trying….built to last!