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WATCH: Viking’s Fans Video Themselves While Walsh Missed The Game Winning Field Goal!

and it is awesome!


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Which CFB Coach Would Make The Best NFL Head Coach?

Rack Edit

Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL Network asked five NFL GM’s which current college Head Coached would be the best NFL candidates.

From the Jeremiah article:

Every executive I spoke to said Jim Harbaugh would be at the top of the list for NFL teams seeking a head coach, but the executives were in agreement that there’s virtually no chance Harbaugh would leave Michigan a year after taking the job.

Click here to see which high profile college coach could potentially make the jump to the NFL.


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Why The NFL Is Nearly Dead To Me

Being a Detroit Lions fan, this shouldn’t come as any surprise but the NFL is dead to me.  Why?  Because there is virtually no reason to watch, none.  The NFL game has gone off the rails, the product is boring, the best players miss a ton of games to injury, the officiating is historically bad, replay is a bore, the players are idiots and fans are out of control.  Who has time for this garbage on a Sunday? It should shock the NFL that me and guys like me just don’t care anymore.  There was a time in my life when all I did was crave football…...

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