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Which CFB Coach Would Make The Best NFL Head Coach?

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Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL Network asked five NFL GM’s which current college Head Coached would be the best NFL candidates.

From the Jeremiah article:

Every executive I spoke to said Jim Harbaugh would be at the top of the list for NFL teams seeking a head coach, but the executives were in agreement that there’s virtually no chance Harbaugh would leave Michigan a year after taking the job.

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Why The NFL Is Nearly Dead To Me

Being a Detroit Lions fan, this shouldn’t come as any surprise but the NFL is dead to me.  Why?  Because there is virtually no reason to watch, none.  The NFL game has gone off the rails, the product is boring, the best players miss a ton of games to injury, the officiating is historically bad, replay is a bore, the players are idiots and fans are out of control.  Who has time for this garbage on a Sunday? It should shock the NFL that me and guys like me just don’t care anymore.  There was a time in my life when all I did was crave football….high school football, college football and the NFL, but in recent years I find myself skipping the Sunday stuff, just don’t care.  In the past when the Lion were puke, I’d still watch and hope, but I think they even lost me when they made the stupid decision to hire Jim Caldwell.  He is the NFL version of Brady Hoke, mediocre in every way.  Caldwell and the Lions aside, I just don’t give a rip about the NFL. Injuries have really done if for me, I can’t watch a teams third string QB play and honestly enjoy the game.  There is a reason these guys were inactive until the starters got hurt and I’m not investing $.03 or 3 hours to see the Matt Cassel’s of the world struggle to even look like an NFL QB. Not to mention when the players actually make a play it is reviewed and scrutinized like the Zapruder film.  I don’t even know what a catch is in the NFL anymore and when I lose track of the basics, I tend to lose interest in what is happening on the field.  I feel like the referees call the play exactly the opposite as the rest of us see it.  When the referees are wrong, I honestly feel like they are making it up as they go, how can they go against Mike Pereira so often, the guy was their boss for many years.  It’s nuts! NFL players have always largely been complete assholes, they are an immature, entitled, petulant group who show zero grace to the people who support them every week.  Look at Greg Hardy here, what an idiot.

Hardy then basically blamed his own idiocy on the media with this exchange.  The guy is a delusional ass who doesn’t even appreciate the second chance the Cowboys gave him after a domestic violence case.

The NFL is lucky it can churn through generations of fans as another young group replaces the ones like me who have moved on, but you have to wonder if the next generation of football fan will embrace the league as we once did. I’m likely an early adopter in this case, but I talk to many who feel the same way. For now, I’m out, I’ll be back when the Lions go to the Super Bowl.