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Michigan QB Battle

Channel 4’s Jamie Edmonds tweeted this yesterday:

I think this is baloney.  I’ve talked a few sources at Michigan and this is a non-starter.  Michigan will not rotate QB’s while Harbaugh decides who is the starter.

There is absolutely zero chance that Jim Harbaugh and Pep Hamilton will start the season without a clear number one.  I don’t think the winner of the QB battle will take every snap, but there will be a clear number one when Michigan takes on Florida in Dallas.

From what I am told, there is a legit QB battle, but it’s Wilton Speight’s gig to lose, he’s the front runner and unless he proves...

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Fox Sports Analyst On Michigan Football 2017

Bruce Feldman from Fox Sports breaks down Michigan Football, for those of you interested in the latest sports news, check out to see tom brady´s or david beckham net worth or many other interesting facts.

Click here to watch his analysis.



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Delusional Florida Fan Post Wildly Inaccurate “Preview” Of The Michigan Game

This is why we can’t have nice things and why Florida fans shouldn’t have blogs.

Check out this “Michigan v. Florida preview” piece written by a Florida fan boi.  It’s inaccurate and embarrassing that he published this piece and hasn’t edited the mistakes.  The guy is entitled to write whatever he would like to write, but to have so many gross inaccuracies is bad, really bad.

Let’s start with the dumbest part of the article first and we’ll get to the less dumb stuff later.  Here’s a great one about the linebackers.

On the other hand, Michigan’s oldest linebacker this year will be sophomore Devin Bush. That is horrifying news for a defense that traditionally makes its living stopping the run...

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