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Tate Forcier is leaving Michigan

ForcierDon’t be surprised when Tate Forcier leaves Michigan…soon.

My sources tell me that Forcier is telling anyone who will listen that he won’t be at Michigan long.  Forcier was the starting “legend” last year and is taken aback by Rich Rodriguez’s decision to drop him to 3rd string behind a true freshmen.

Forcier was the toast of the the town last season after a HUGE win against Notre Dame, but this year he opens the season as a back-up.  This season the job is lost and he can’t even sniff the starting job unless injuries riddle the QB spot for the Wolverines.

 The Forciers have a history of transferring when things don’t go their way and this isn’t any different.  His brothers both transferred from their original teams, with brother Jason leaving Michigan.

Check out these screen shots of F...

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Jamie Morris says the Michigan QB in 2010 is…

Denard Robinson.  He tweeted this last night!

Denard"Attended UM scrimmage. #16 is definitely the starting QB. The defense looks very young. I hope UConn plays the way our #2 "D" played."

Morris is a Michigan legend, but I think this is just his opinion.  Tate Forcier appears to be a knucklehead, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody considering his past antics.

I would hope that Denard has improved because he didn't look like a #1 in 2009.

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Michigan vs. Alabama in Dallas!

 M Go Blog is reporting that Michigan and Alabama are in the final stages of a contract to play a game at Cowboy stadium in Dallas in 2012.

Initially this struck me as nothing more than a rumor as Michigan NEVER plays a neutral site game, let alone south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Add to that, most college stadiums can’t produce the kind of revenue necessary for Michigan to give up a home date under any circumstances.

However Jerry Jones stadium can hold almost 100,000 and could easily allow Cowboy owner Jerry Jones to overpay to get these two college football powers on the gridiron.

If Jerry wants it to happen, it will happen!  I’d pencil this game in for sometime in early September 2010.

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