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Turd Indiana fan trashes Denard Robinson!

TomI just wandered across this guy’s article trashing Denard Robinson and Michigan football.  His name is Tom Baer and before you get all worked up, take it with a grain of salt.  The guy isn’t a journalist making a fair analysis, he’s a bitter Indiana fan who has also “liked” an article called “Top Ten Reason’s to Hate Michigan.

This guy writing the article has no more credibility regarding Denard Robinson than the goofy U of M fan who bangs the cow bell at every MIchigan game. He’s a slap dick one seed.

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Random Wednesday stuff.

It is another great weekend of college football and this week I have been asked to be the guest picker for Todd Kaufmann of “Bleacher Report.”  If you are interested in my picks, click here.  My picks for the week start on slide 20.

MillenWhy would ESPN schedule Matt Millen of all people to call the Michigan vs MSU game this weekend in Ann Arbor.  What, was Kwame Kilpatrick busy?

Millen is the scourge of football in Detroit and is easily the most hated sports figure in the area, yet ESPN decided it was a good idea to let that slap-dick call the biggest Michigan vs. MSU game in a decade.

Trust me, ESPN is aware of the hatred of Millen in Detroit, they just don’t care what you think.  Maybe Wolverine and Spartan fans will give him one last round of the “fire Matt Millen” chant.

Geez, what in the h...

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Google Image keeps Troy Woolfolk out of jail.

Troy-woolfolk-jail-google-images-bpInjured Michigan player Troy Woolfolk tweeted tonight that “google image” kept him out of jail.  

Apparently the Michigan Safety forgot his ID and needed google image to verify his identity.




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