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Delusional Florida Fan Post Wildly Inaccurate “Preview” Of The Michigan Game

This is why we can’t have nice things and why Florida fans shouldn’t have blogs.

Check out this “Michigan v. Florida preview” piece written by a Florida fan boi.  It’s inaccurate and embarrassing that he published this piece and hasn’t edited the mistakes.  The guy is entitled to write whatever he would like to write, but to have so many gross inaccuracies is bad, really bad.

Let’s start with the dumbest part of the article first and we’ll get to the less dumb stuff later.  Here’s a great one about the linebackers.

On the other hand, Michigan’s oldest linebacker this year will be sophomore Devin Bush. That is horrifying news for a defense that traditionally makes its living stopping the run...

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Takeaways from the Michigan Spring Game

  1. Wilton Speight is the Starter and will be when the season starts. Many on social media a clamoring for sophomore Brandon Peters after his solid performance but really people, this is the spring game and the starting QB won’t be decided during the spring game.

Yes, Speight look bad at times, but he still has a whole season of experience under his belt and Jim Harbaugh is on record as saying he thinks Speight will be one of the top QB’s in America when the season starts.  I’m calling baloney on that prediction, but I do think Speight will be fine under center at Michigan as he learns Pep Hamilton’s new offense and gets acclimated to his young wide receiver crew...

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Michigan’s Most Indispensable Players In 2017

  1. Wilton Speight QB

The particulars: 6 feet 6, 243 pounds, junior.

The skinny: Harbaugh doesn’t return much on offense but Speight is his most important returning player.  Speight has been in Harbaugh’s system for three year and will be a returning starter, he’s expected to take it to the next level and it will be necessary if Michigan is going to make any noise in the Big Ten.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds since the Florida State game,” Speight said. “I wanted to get better, I wanted to do better than last year. That was one of the things coach (Jim Harbaugh) thought I should do and that’s what I did. I wanted more speed. I wanted to be quicker. I wanted to be healthier.

“I just went through a four-hour practice and I feel like I could do another one right now...

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