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PODCAST: Matt Sheppard Describes The Michigan Basketball Plane Crash.

Michigan basketball play-by-play voice Matt Sheppard joined Gregg, Big Drew and Jim to discuss Michigan basketball’s plane crash.  Shep was on the plane and has great detail on what it was like and how everybody reacted.

The Interview with Matt begins at the 1:20 minute mark.

Click here to listen to the interview


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Michigan Basketball Lands Big Time Transfer!

According to ESPN and 247 Sports:

The former Chicago (IL) St. Rita prospect was a four-star, with a 247Sports Composite ranking of 59th overall, nationally. Matthews averaged 10 minutes per game with Kentucky, with a season high of 11 points in the Wildcats’ contest against South Florida.


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VIDEO: Jalen Rose Throws Michigan and Michigan State Under The Bus

So I am guessing the Fab 5 banner won’t be in the rafters at Crisler anytime soon based on Jalen Rose’s admission that he was given booze and women while being recruited at Michigan and MSU.  Sometimes I wish these guy could get out of their own way, there is nothing to be gained by telling stories this far after the fact.

This kind of stuff is great media, but it does damage his standing long term with the University of Michigan.  Class is lost when one is attempting a media career, I love Jalen’s honesty but this hurts him with college hoops fans. Nobody wants to know how the “sausage” is made, literally.

“Yes, there is drinking,” Rose said. “Yes, there is members of the opposite sex that are present. Remember, they’re trying to woo me to the campus.

“And as a 17-year-old kid, first of...

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