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Wilton Speight Is Transferring, Here Is Why

Tonight, Wilton Speight announced he is leaving the Michigan program to play his final year elsewhere.

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Michigan State loss shouldn’t dent confidence in Jim Harbaugh’s overall plan

Despite the increased criticism this week following Michigan’s 14-10 loss to rival Michigan State, by any objective measure Jim Harbaugh is doing great work at Michigan.

Yes, this may be hard to stomach for some Michigan fans still smarting from the loss Saturday night, but Michigan football is on the right track, and suggestions that Harbaugh isn’t getting it done in Ann Arbor are pure lunacy.

The “rivals” narrative is one that has gained a lot of momentum this week. Harbaugh is 1-4 against Michigan State while his predecessor was 2-2. Yeah, sure. But how about a little context?

Brady Hoke beat a depleted Ohio State team coached by interim coach Luke Fickell and edged a 7-6 MSU team in 2012. Yes, the Wolverines won, but in this case context matters.

Harbaugh and the Wolverines wou...

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Former NFL Player: Harbaugh Didn’t Know What He Was Doing?

Former NFL RB Brandon Jacobs had this to say today about Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.  This lacks credibility as it just comes off as sour grapes.  Clearly he has an ax to grind, Harbaugh’s record kinda speaks for itself.



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