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VIDEO: Mark Dantonio Gets Asked About Harbaugh’s Khakis

I don’t know if I love this or hate it.

Mark Dantonio and Mike Leach were interviewed by a TV station and the Host thought it was a good idea to ask Dantonio about the auctioning of Jim Harbaugh’s “game used khakis.”


The good stuff starts at 6:50ish.


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Sparty, There Is A Reason You Didn’t Get The Outback Bowl!

Sparty, there are multiple reasons you didn’t get picked to play in The Outback Bowl.  The biggest is right here, face it, you just don’t support your team and you ain’t that sexy.

The Outback Bowl took the more attractive option, they took a TV ratings magnet and a huge ticket sale over a regional program that many outside of the Midwest don’t pay attention too at all, even when you are making the playoff.

What is even more delicious was your total meltdown when somebody told you the truth.  The complete meltdown by the fan base and players over a meaningless bowl game only only reinforces the “little brother” tag and makes you look small.  You’ll never get out of Michigan’s shadow by calling for a boycott of every bowl that didn’t select you to play in it...

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Harbaugh Begins His “First” Year At Michigan!

Yes, you read the headline correctly, Michigan football is about to enter its first year under Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.  Let me explain….2018 is the first year Jim Harbaugh will have a team entirely recruited and coached by him and it was obvious after the Ohio State game and in the wake of Wilton Speight’s transfer.

Everything has changed for Michigan Football under Jim Harbaugh following Saturday’s 31-20 to arch-rival Ohio State.  The loss dropped the Wolverines to 0-3 under Harbaugh against the buckeyes and in the post-game press conference it was apparent that the gloves are off for the Wolverines and there must be change in 2018 for Michigan to take the program to the next level.

Harbaugh wasn’t angry or fiery following the loss, but it appears he has redoubled his resolve to fin...

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