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Gregg & Michelle PODCAST Trailer!

Welcome to the new Gregg and Michelle Podcast.  Michelle and I originally worked together on 97.1 FM in Detroit when it was “Live 97.1.”  We haven’t done a show together in a while so we decided to get back together to have a little fun.  Enjoy and listen for a new show every Thursday.


PODCAST: Gregg, Big Drew & Jim 9-8-16


Hour #1: Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim discuss the addition by subtraction theory surrounding Calvin Johnson, what it would take for the Lions to make the playoffs, and if Caldwell is on the hot seat!

Hour #2: Gregg, Big Drew, & Jim debate if Caldwell is on the hot seat already and if Michigan deserves to be number one!

Hour #3: Gregg, Big Drew, & Jim discuss if Michigan fans are looking for validation as well as if the MSU bye week would be better later in the season! They also touch back on Marshal Faulk’s pick of the Lions making the playoffs!