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FLASHBACK: “Moronic” Song About The Lions

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this song, “Moronic” about the Lions since they hired Rod Wood as the new team president.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  Enjoy!

Christy The song was written by me, Don Swindell, Glen Lagrou (my producer) and Jamie and sung by Jamie’s wife, former Channel 7 News Anchor Christy McDonald.  Christy did an amazing job with the vocals and as always, Don Swindell was nearly perfect in his production.  This song really epitomizes what WDFN was all about in the early days of Sports Talk Radio in Detroit, creativity and edge.  I really enjoyed what we did at WDFN and think we, as a team, revolutionized sports talk radio in Detroit and beyond.

WDFN was ahead of its time and clearly left a legacy in the sport radio market in Detroit, this is one of the songs that really angered The Detroit Lions, they just couldn’t understand why a “hometown” station would choose to ridicule the local team, it was a foreign concept to the twits in the Lions PR department at the time.  Most teams learned to deal with the radio station’s editorial content, but the Lions NEVER figure it out.